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Will SRK complete 25 Years without Solo 3 Crore footfall movie

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Last solo 3 Crore footfall movie was Kuch-2 Hota hai releases in October 1998.

SRK's next release most probably will be in 2022, that movie with Rajkumar Hirani is biggest chance. IF that movies doesn;t get 3 Crore footfall, he will achive this milestone which no other big star has achieved.
in Box Office Discussions by Production Designer (12.0k points)

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SRK is the biggest superstar afetr Amitabh Bachchan ,while growing in south india people mostly were srk fans if bollywood is concerned and only his movies were followed
people did not noticed salman aamir earlier only in last few years people noticed them here while srk was huge since 90s here

by Art Director (2.9k points)

Maybe that's is the reason why only MPK and Hahk are the hits of bollywod in dubbed versions so far


i am talking about general perception here , maybe it could have been salman if he did not gave away after 1994


dubbed version of 2 bahubali's are big hit in north but Rajanikanth and kamal Hassan are big name in north.....

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Never saw you as someone who would post something like this

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)
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I think yes. Because Raju Hirani seems to be losing his touch a little, and Sanju was neither a good movie nor able to generate as much ffs as 3I or PK.

That combined with the decimation of SRK's goodwill, and I think that the movie will be Hirani's least successful since LRMB.

I still think Hirani has enough in him to give SRK a 2 cr ff movie, and bring him back on track a little. Hirani himself had a lot to prove with this one. But SRK will complete 25 years without solo 3cr ffs movie.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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yaha 1.5 cr se 2 cr footfall hona muskil hai ye 3cr footfall ki bat kar rahe ho.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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If its Hirani then yes. That movie is a maverick. His goodwill is enough to make sure SRK can have a 3cr footfall to his name.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Distance years between Solo 3 crore.

Salman - 26 years - 1989 MPK to 2015 Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Shahrukh - 22 years - 1998 KKHH to 2020
Aamir - 18 years - 1996 RH to 2014 PK

So Shahrukh still has 4 more years to cross Salman in Solo 3 crore FF

by Production Designer (12.6k points)

Watch HAHK and Kkhh to see which one is Solo yourself.


KKHH wasn't Salman movie?I watched that movie because of Salman khan..That is pure Salman movie


So calculated. Salman was exactly for 26 mins in KKHH.

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He is Past now

Only 1* 2 crore Footfalls film in last 18 years
Akki >>

by Set Designer (2.0k points)
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still srk is the biggest star his generation.......staying at no.1 for almost 20 years is not simple joke....kuch actor to 1 saal bhi top position per nahi rahe hai apne 30 years ke career me...

so question should will Aamir ever earn top position in his remaining career.....30 years to beet chuke

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

I said srk is disputed with hrithik bcoz boi said so. They said hrithik was the closest to srk in most part of 2000 - 2009

But they never said anything like that for aamir in 2010s decade.


Salman khan from 2010 - 2017

7 Bumper / 4 Record / 5 Excellent openers ( Ready was Bumper later demoted to Excellent )

9 Blockbusters , 3 films of 3cr footfalls , 9 films of 2cr footfalls
5 Consecutive Blockbusters ( 2nd best run after khanna acc to BOI )

These records are bigger than entire career of srk including that period 1995 - 2002

Salman delivered all his mega hits on solo

Srk - Kkhh - Salman
K3g - Hrithik / Amitabh

Solo 3cr footfalls - Salman - 5
Srk 2

Solo Blockbusters - Salman 12 srk 6 ( 2times bigger than srk )

Take some rest Bro.


hritik was closet in 2006 only....not entire decade

salman bumper opener (2010=2017) 8 years
dabaang, bodyguard, ett, prdp, sultan, tzh total 6 tune 7 kahan se paida kiye....

excellent opener
ready, kick, BB,, D2, total 4 tune 5 kaha se paida kye

Srk bumper opener (95-2002) 8 years

KA, trimurti, koyla, Dtph, duplicate, josh, k3g, devdas total 8

excellent opener
DDlj, ramjane, kkhh, dilse, badshah, chahat total - 6 (7 with army)

salman 3 movies 3cr ff (BB 3.54, sultan 3.2, tzh 3.1)
srk 3 movies (DDlj 4.8, kkhh 3.56, k3g 3.1) total will be 4 if include 2.99 cr of KA

dominance of salman

from 2010-2019 salman 200 cr grosser
kick, bb, sultan, tzh total 4....
same period industry has
3 idiot, dhoom3, ce, golmal again, pk, dangal, bahubali 2 total 7 aamir alone has give 4 200 plus grossers

Dominance of srk

from 1994-2002 srk's 30 cr grossers

ddlj, dtph, kkhh, mohbbate, k3g, devdas total = 6

same period industry has
hahk, rh, border, hssh, knph, gadar, lagaan total = 7

2 cr ff of salman movies
dabang, bodygurad, ett, d2, kick, BB, sultan, prdp, tzh total = 9

2 cr ff of industry
ce, dhoom3 RR, yjhd, pk, dangal, k3, bahubali2 = total 8

2 cr ff of srk movies
KA, ddlj, pardes, dtph, kkhh, mohabbate, k3g, devdas total = 8

2cr ff of industry

raja, rh, border, hssh, knph, gadar total = 6

I have compiled this data just for 8 years if i take 1995-2004 for srk and and 2010 then gap will be even more when mhn, vz will be added in bumper and record opening category with 30 plus grosser,,,,,while in 2010=2019 movies like sanju war padmawat, kabir h4 will be get added in 200 cr grosser...and srk didnt stopped on 2002 check his post 2002 4 bumper opener...

aaj ke baad teri yeh tuti band kar


Bharat Bumper opener G main daal liya apne ?

Race3 Excellent Opener G main daal liyo ka ? Hahahah **

Kabtak tum srkians fake stats use karoge bey ? Hasi aati hai tumlogo pe


are bhau bharat 2019 me aur race3 18 me release hui....yaha 2010-2017 aur 1995-2002 ki baat ho rahi hai.....aur yeh G me dalne wale sirf riksha wale hote hai....ab tum khud per hansna.....isliye bolta hoon papane achcha smart phone aur net pack free me dalne se koi intelligent nahi hota....sachchayee likho....mahan banoge

–2 votes

Still srk biggest star than salman khan 2010 ke bad ka stardom mayne nahi rakhta srk rules 30years

by Art Director (2.5k points)

How many of the 29/30 hits are since 2010?

–2 votes

o bhai sallu ka to 2010 tak solo me khaata hi nahi tha hahaha
only akshay srk are true self made superstars without relying on anyone

by Location Scout (3.5k points) 2 flags

Lol..akshay....akki paaji ka toh ajtak solo hit nahi hai

–4 votes

lol bhaijaan has already achieved it
kitne saal hue?
kisi ki maths strong hai?

by Casting Director (16.6k points) 2 flags

No need to prove your idocy again again ...


lol this is just a response to the uncalled attack on srk here
just defending my man


i did not know that he is an aamir fan
should i hide my answer?

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