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Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn from 2019-21

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While going through the filmographies of both actors, I realised one thing; both actors are doing films in very similar genres and a like for like comparison exists.

If Ajay Devgn did Total Dhamaal, Akshay Kumar had Housefull 4. Both were Slapstick Comedies
Ajay Devgn did Tanhaji after Akshay's Kesari. He now has Prithviraj. All are historical films
Ajay Devgvn did De De Pyaar De and Akshay had Good Newwz. Both were Urban Comedies.
Akshay Kumar did Mission Mangal and now Ajay Devgn has Bhuj. Both films on the Independence Day weekend and both films are of a patriotic theme

Both actors are in Sooryavanshi as well. And I haven't seen Kaithi, but probably it might b in the same zone as a Bachchan Pandey? I might be wrong about this.

It's just a nice coincidence that both actors who started their careers around the same time, have done more than 100 films in the industry, faced many ups and down throughout their career and are now doing films in similar genres and are becoming solid hits at the BO.

PS - This isn't a post to start a fan war. Just sharing my thoughts here.
Source Link: Box Office India Filmographies
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Ajay Devgn & Akshay Kumar both fully know the demand for content movies these days. Indian Cinema changes where audiences tastes often gets outdated and where they don't want to keep seeing the same thing over again. Both actors are versatile where they are much capable of doing different genres and roles.

Their work ethic is very good hence selective in choosing scripts but Ajay Devgn is more ambitious as he will often take time to work on project e.g. Tanhaji.

They've had their ups and downs but they more motivated hence these two have a fantastic lineup. I'm more excited for Ajay upcoming movies the most e.g. Bhuj: Pride of India, Maidaan, Chanakya, Kaithi remake, Singham 3 (TBA), Golmaal 5 (TBA) & Raid 2 (TBA)

Hope they continue their success but I'm more fond of Ajay Devgn as a fan. I really hope Singham 3 comes and gets announced in future. I'm dying to see this sequel happen.

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Both have had a late rise in their careers and have done quite well for themselves. Ajay is ahead giving big blockbusters, Akshay has his chance too with Sooryavanshi and Prithviraj

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IMO , Akshay is achieving this success due to incredible discipline he maintains in life

Early to bed Early to rise , makes a person .............................

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I think they have matured the most as a
actors/filmmakers amongst the superstars of the last century. They will continue to do good irrespective of age as they seem to affect them the least. They might see longer stardom phase than the Khans which nobody would have thought at the beginning of last decade.

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They will never see the kind of stardom SRK had in late 90s and early 21st century or Salman had in this decade.

They might give the most number of out right hits in their career (Akshay at 31+ and Ajay at 23+), but never reach that level of super stardom.

But as a huge fan of Akshay, and a fan of most of Ajay's work, it's really pleasing to see them have good content releases. Both actors were giving flops and disasters in a heap from 2009-2013/14.

Coincidence or not, but both actors last flop film was with Prabhudeva (Singh Is Bling and Action Jackson). That's when the shift in both their careers took place


Lol Prabhu ni kripa barsaayi hai sabpe kafi.
Btw I think believe that Akki had a slight chance of reaching that maybe its the fan in me speaking but he has that potential for sure. Remember the 2007-2009 period when he was like everywhere. His movies were taking huge opening, his style was the talk of the town and even his songs use to be rage. So, he have seen a peak of the caliber of Khans, though for a very minimal period of time. Its his choices that pulled him behind. He again bounced back with RR which was one of the biggest hit on non holiday for that time. I think it was the 4th highest grosser for its time but later the movies like Joker and Khiladi 786 just killed all the good will. So much so that the mass movie like Boss failed and an excellent entertainer like Holiday didn't gets its due.
This time again he is going up and I believe this is not the peak, its still to come. And I can sense a maturity in script selection from his side this time. Its not like 2007-09 time when he kept of churning one type of movies again and again, neither he is blindly going for whatever coming in way like the 2012 period. He is mixing it well now. With MM we got HF4 and after GN its going to be Sooryavanshi then LB will be followed by Prithviraj. So, you see magnitude is increasing and if these movies clicks then even bigger project will come in next 2-3 years. So, I am very optimistic about he finally peaking like Khans did in their absolute primes.


A fellow Akkian!

I agree with you. Bad choices after 2009 (barring Housefull 1,2 and Rowdy Rathore) has pulled down his stardom. But now he is back on track with some great releases ahead.

Though I am a little sceptical of Bell Bottom & Atrangi Re. The former seems to be a thriller which don't do much business.The latter is directed by Aanand L Rai, and going by the title announcement, it seems to be on the lines of "The Family" which BOI has dubbed. Lets see though. I hope I'm proven wrong


Yes even I am not expecting big boxoffice results from these two movies. But, Atrangi re is just an extended comeo I guess and if GN can do around around 200cr then Bell Bottom can definitely do atleast 175cr if well made. I am expecting it to be on the lines of Baby which is one of the finest thriller Bollywood will ever produce.

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