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15 years to KAAL so starting with this film itself. 


I watched KAAL in theater. Horror genre is among my most favorite genre & in that, I've a thing for monster/animal films. This was promoted as the Tiger attack/survival film. 

Though I didn't like the film entirely, it was still a time pass flick back then. The whole Ajay Devgn twist was random yet okay if I were to be lenient. 

My expectations were totally different but watching it in the theater was an experience. The songs are my favorite till date. Srk-Malaika in the special title number was thoroughly enjoyed.


Share your experience of watching KAAL the first time?

Where did you watch the film? Theater or at home?

What was your immediate response?

For the ones who haven't watched it, are you planning to watch in near future?


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At home.

I was disappointed, i mean it isn't that bad a movie and me being fan of creature features, because being a fan in wildlife in general was very excited.

Turns out it wasn't about man eating tigers terrorizing these groups, but a dead person taking revenge of what exactly..??

I mean no clear motivations, it seems like Ajay Devgan's character was punishing those who try to harm nature but for such a powerful entity he didn't seem to get that only one person of the group was an a$$hole, none of the rest were actually trying to harm animals and anything like that.

I'll tell you what, Ajay Devgan's character as a protector of forrest could've been interesting, but it wouldn't be a horror movie then so they made him generic villain who didn't differentiate between good and bad.

And in the last scene though they tried to make him hero as he clearly had his eyes set on those new a holes but then again, they didn't clear that what if there was a genuinely good person in there, will Ajay's character spare him or not.

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Not Seen This Film Yet Due To Shortage Of Time ....... Kaisi Hai Film Agar Achi Hai To Dekhunga..... Batana Koi Kaisi Hai Film?

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I had seen it in theater. Found it boring. Except for the SRK item number.

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was only hyped because of king khan
only went to see him and dont remember much else

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Very avg movie...........

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a weird movie infact

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