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Rate and Rank all the trailers of James Cameron directed films.

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1. Piranha II: The Spawning [1982] = James Cameron debut as director


2. The Terminator [1984]


3. Aliens [1986]


4. The Abyss [1989]


5, Terminator 2: Judgment Day [1991]


6. True Lies [1994]


7. Titanic [1997]


8. Avatar [2009]

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Too be fair, these trailers are all pretty outdated. Also Titanic trailer is for its 3D release I reckon which make it sort of Home Video trailer than original trailer, showing scenes which wouldn't be shown if it was original trailer. Rather than just ranking them, gonna share my views about them.

  1. Aliens: Starts well but action part didn't date well.
  2. Terminator: Introduce the character well
  3. Terminator 2: Trailer has a major flaw of spoiling the twist of Arnie but otherwise quite good
  4. Titanic: As I said not really the original trailer but if you post it, gonna put somewhere
  5. Avatar: I get it, the main focus of trailer was to flaunt the visuals but give away too much exposition
  6. True Lies: Some good bits
  7. The Abyss: Whatever
  8. Piranha 2: Ugh

I will only take Aliens has something good, rest are pretty dated.

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Titanic trailer is the one. I did not share the 3D trailer specifically.

Aliens as a movie has dated extremely well.

The Abyss well neither the trailer nor the box office did justice to the gem it is anyways.

Terminator 2 was the bad trailer, revealing the main spoiler. Good atleast I never had to watch it before watching the movie.

Avatar...ah well even the movie was all about showcasing visuals.

True Lies was truly the 90s.

I suggest you give Piranha 2 a try.

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Terminator - 3.5/5

Terminator 2 - 3/5

Titanic - 3.5/5

Avatar - 4/5

True Lies - 3/5

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