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1. Frozen 2 (4/10): A frustrating plot that takes ages to become clear and pointless drama, this movie shows what happens when makers feel like they need to deliver not just a good movie, but something that build an entire world in the franchise itself. The first movie wasn't great IMO, but it was still a fun adventure with decent songs. Here the songs aren't good either. The animation was great, but nothing else was special about the movie. Another disappointing sequel from Disney animation after Wreck it Ralph 2.

2. Godzilla: King of Monsters (didn't finish): Yet again, the makers failed to understand that the monsters deliver spectacle but the human characters bring the emotion and drive to the story. Just like the previous one, the movie has flat characters that do not draw you in. I had to close it midway, because all the action in the world cannot substitute poor characters and generic storytellng.

3. Crawl (5.5/10): A just about decent monster movie. Despite being low budget, it looks quite good. The runtime is less than 90 minutes, which is great because the kind of threat this movie is dealing against cannot really sustain much past that runtime before becoming boring. It is not scientifically accurate, doesn't have great acting, and has too happy of an ending, but it is a piece of pulp, and functions well enough for what it is.

4. Late Night (6.5/10): A feel good drama. It is just about decent in everything, without truly outstanding in everything. But I think binge watching a sitcom has made me want for shorter runtimes, so I am more lenient towards shorter movies. This movie is just about good enough to spend 100 minutes.

5. The Favourite (7/10): A very different period drama. The characters and dialogue made it almost seem like a parody of typical period movies. Featuring 3 great leading performances, this movie entertains while making you hate all 3 of its main characters at one point or another. I enjoyed watching something so unique after so long.

6. Hasee Toh Phasee (didn't finish): This was OK until Parineeti re-entered the narrative with her very weird acting. I kind of saw where this movie was going, so closed it.


Better Call Saul (6/10): The season ended with something of a whimper. The shootout wasn't impressive, as the target got away very easily. The reversal of Jimmy and Kim's roles also didn't feel motivated. The main reason this show is not as good as Breaking Bad is the slow pace and the fact that the main character just does not feel justified in doing what he is doing, unlike Walter. And now that his girlfriend joined it, it feels even more frustrating. Well, now we'll have to wait 2.5 years for the final season. I just hope Jonathan Banks survives this pandemic.

The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin (7.5/10): These roasts happen once a year and an interesting personality is picked every time. I saw James Franco's roast a few weeks ago and that was hilarious. This one wasn't as good, because the people participating weren't as recognisable, but it was still very funny and appropriately careless in terms of who it offends. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys watching rich people trading insults and taking it jovially. Also do watch the roast of James Franco. 

Disclaimer: The idea of this post belongs to the user Ankit 007. I am just making this post because he's been inactive for a while. I will try to make a post like this every Saturday.

Content of the Week: Roast of Alec Baldwin.

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This week i saw few dramas on Ary and Humtv - Ishqiya , Dilruba , Ghalti , Soleti mamta , Yeh dil mera and were avg to Good .

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Brutal, gory masterpiece of comic book movie making, the fact that this 2 hour of awesomeness didn't get oscar nomination and not did Hugh, Patrick is sickening and shows how out of touch those bozos sitting in academy are.

Godzilla King of the monsters

Pure, unadulterated monster mayhem, some of the sequences are joyfull carnage.
Only problem, too much time devoted for pesky humans, and too much cutting away from monster bash.


Better than most people give it credit for, miles ahead of X Men origins.



Deadpool 2

Awesomeness dialed up

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Ets hope the human part will be better in Godzilla vs Kong


Kong had good human part.

They weren't memorable but much more tolerable tgan the family shtick in KOTM, infact some of those soldier interactions were actually good.
Also having bigger stars help, and that lost soldier guy was very good, so Skull Island had humans done well.

Problem for GvK is that characters are same as of KOTM but hopefully this time they have learnt their lessons.


You praising King of the Monsters definitely didn't hurt me as much as you calling Wolverine movie better. You wouldn't understand that heart broken feeling of watching it in theater. Same feeling as watching Race 3 in theater.

Going back to theater with each Wolverine film with the saved up hope & to return back so dejected. Tum kya jaano Sanki Babu. Logan was the return gift for all the repeated sufferings. So precious. The repeated success formula of clubbing him with a kid was taken to another extent.


Better than people give it credit, does not means good.

Point is it is watchable unlike Origins.

And praising KOTM because as i said the monster mash was breathtaking and so was the choice of using the classic Godzilla theme.
But i hated the human characters except dr serizawa and that chinese lady who had symbolic as mothra fairies.
Ready of characters were sucky.

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  1. Varane Avashyamund [2020 - Malayalam] = 6/10 [Sweet simple film. Shouldn't have been more than 2hrs long & it would've been perfect. It was indeed a treat to watch veterans Shobhana, Urvashi, Suresh Gopi along with Dulquer Salmaan & Kalyani. Superb performances elevated the film.]
  2. The Dark Knight [2008] = NR [Re-watch.]
  3. Thani Oruvan [2015 - Tamil] = NR [Re-watch. Have rated this gem multiple times before. Wondering why didn't Bollywood opt for remaking this? I know the Telugu remake Dhruva got dubbed to Hindi & Ajay Devgn dubbed for Ram Charan there, still this is worth a remake.]
  4. Chillar Party [2011] = NR [Re-watch. Have rated this before. Anyways the tapori kid gang is total paisa vasool.]
    51 mins of Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan is all I could bear. Since I didn't complete the movie, I am not adding it to the list. Whatever I watched, I didn't like much.
    Movie(s) of the week = All of them.

Speaking of Chillar Party, I really wish Bhai backs another gem of a children's movie again.

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  1. The Cabin in the Woods: The film don't have any horror quotient whatsoever. When you are showing that events that are happening or will happen are just a reality TV Show (?), you are diluting horror factor. The ending of film also didn't really worked. A lenient 4/10.
  2. The World's End: The Edgar Wright's leftover from last week, which I think is his weakest. The start was okay but then it bored the fuckk out of it. Then it got a bit interesting but soon went in what the fucck territory. 1/10.
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: It was a while ago since I watched Potter, so did it. Barring the fact that its titled Harry Potter, it's a Hermione Granger film (Hugging face). Harry was clueless most of the time in the film, it was Hermione saving the day. Back when I watched the films first time, this was my least favourite. I like it better now but still the events of film could have been done better, say if Sirius Black could just come to Harry without that scary theme in the starting of film or if they had avoided the pronoun game under The Whomping Willow. Besides Time Travel is always messy. 8/10.
  4. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix: I remember it liking more in first watch. The reason could be the fact that knowing what happens to Umbridge don't really get that much of attention to her evil deeds in the film where most of the film is spent. That said, the final act is great. 8/10.
  5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: This was the film that made me realise how much I loved them. Harry Potter is chill af in the film (see GIFs below). The behavioural changes of nearing adulthood. The love complications and of course great 3rd act once again. The two films I watched before, though felt good but still left me indifferent for most. This awaken that sleeping Potter fan again. 8/10.
  6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1: I loved it. The film tone is different from rest of franchise and it worked greatly for me. You get the feel that something really big and dark is happening all the time. The death of Dobby is tearjerker and set the stage for finale. 8/10.
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2: So I finished Part 1 at half hour past midnight but was so pumped that couldn't resist watching Part 2 and that's when I have watched it at least 10-15 times. I can just imagine the hype when the film released. Snape's death and memory is always sad and teary. The goosebumps on hearing/watching Piertotum locomotor, the defense spells on Hogwarts before Battle. The magic still lives. 10/10.

Harry Potter Walked (though he also Flied), so that MCU can run.

Movie (s) of the Week:

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You.... YOU... rated The World's End so low.

I agreed not everyone enjoys it the same in comparison with the previous 2 films, yet it does ha e it's moments. Definitely not the level of 1 rating.

The Cabin in The Woods wasn't entirely a satisfactory film but all the Monsters I've grown up watching, the nostalgia peaked. I didn't buy the ending but mahn o mahn Sigourney Weaver in the end. There was no other way than take a comedic approach to this story. I feel you weren't aware of much of the Monsters in it to relate to.


The World's end bored me till the blue blood beings were discovered. It got interesting but ending crapped itself.

It has few laughs but most of the times I was bored.

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last 2-3 days only horror and ramsay

Veerana 7.5/10 absolute teriffic
Purani Haveli 6.5/10
Purana Mandir 7/10
Raaz 9/10
Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche 6/10
The house next door 6.5/10


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