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Footfalls data of Current generation of Superstar (Updated)

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FFs Salman SRK  Aamir Akshay Ajay Hrithik
1cr+     34   31     22      29   22     12
2cr+     14    9      8       2    2      5
3cr+      5    3      4      2
4cr+      2    1      1
5cr+      1
6cr+      1
7cr+      1

*Till now (Excluding Cameos) 

Considering D3 isn't a 1cr ffs movie. 

Here it's important to consider Hrithik has done only 24 movies compared 120+ of Akki. 

Source Link: BOI
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in Box Office Discussions by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

Though I don't really care about footfalls pre 2003 as they are hardly accurate, still, MPK shouldn't be over 3.25cr footfalls going by just under 2cr of Darr. Though I agree it will be 4cr plus, just that I think all footfalls BOI has are 35-70% lower.


Akki may hav the record of highest flops/disasters among current stars.

Salman is a superstar. Srk was a superstar. HR is a waste of Superstar. Aamir is hurt by his volume still he's up there.


I think we don't have any superstar now. Only stars.

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Salman Khan Is The Biggest Mega Star In All Three Khan's........

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Never crossed 3cr or more footfalls.....and his fans want comparisons with the Khans. HR has 12 movies of 1cr footfalls out of 24 odd movies. Akshay is working for 30 years and yet to give hgoty or bumper openers or atg or any other major bo record

by Mega Star (226k points)

haha us time bhai bhi flop hi they
should have taken akki instead


Result would still be a disaster only.


thats only because you are up against peak king khan
movie achi bhi hoti tabhi clash haarti


And he's a fan of a guy who debuted with Bhansali, worked with santoshi, Anurag Kashyap, Abhinav Kashyap (post Dabangg, but boy did Ranbir end his career), Karan Johar, YRF, Dharma.

MPK was a proper newcomer movie. Everyone was new. What worked was its charm.

And HR is a Bonafide talent. Akki can only dream of having a pull as good as him. Khans though are in a different league.

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Such a poor record for Akshay and Ajay..
While they completed 30 years in bollywood..

Chlo Ajay k fans tab v peacefully rhte h...
But why Akshay fans behaving like a joker..

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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Salman 35 excluding D3
Kurbaan too is 1c+ ffs

Pre 94' 1cr ffs

Sanam bewafa

by Set Designer (2.0k points)

Actually I excluded one which haters don't consider Salman's


So now haters will decide what we shd write? btw which mve?



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Es data se 1cr ff ,2cr ff ,3 cr ff and 4 cr ff sab main..... Salman >>> srk.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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sallu became a star with dabangg in 2010 usse pehle sab doosro ke bharose vaali footfalls
apart from 2010-2017 akki is a bigger star than sallu

by Location Scout (3.5k points)

I know what i type. Talk about yourself. Henceforth any repeated comments on Salman was born in 2010/giving hits on other's support and any other kind of rubbish will be hidden. You wish to challenge this, then be ready for a ban.


for you man


Yeah, talk with facts na. You only have one thing to say and that is born in 2010.

You go and create posts about akki's records if there are any. Everyone is open to arguments but you have just that one thing to say.

Akki has 2 blockbusters, salman was born in 2010.
Akki doesn't have 3 cr ff movie , Salman was born in 2010.

Pur forth facts and others will reply accordingly


Saaransh also knows why he's made this account. He's not even a proper fan of Akki. Just a hater of Salman.