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But there is a catch. The post has to be original and authored by you.

Mine is 

Dabangg 3 should be a proper flop.

with 1.2k views.

And yeah, it came true :)

in Non-Bollywood by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

mine will look so tiny in front of some biggies from Suhas and other older members :D


BTW this is all time winner

Around 2.5 times more views than second highest one.


on a side note.. this post is so pure.. only old and great members have answered.. holy post

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only you understood what i asked it seems... people be sharing poster promo posts :D

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Not authored but have to start with this only considering it's a post dedicated to Bae.

A Post Dedicated to Anushka Shetty - 40.7k views

The 2nd most viewed is basically a compiled list,
List of all the 33 All Time Industry Hits (All Time Blockbusters) of Telugu Film Industry. Megastar Chiranjeevi dominates the list. - 36.1k views

So leaving the compilation posts, the one wrt to self written article was,
Introducing Daisy Shah. The new Salman's girl in Jai Ho. - 17.5k views (The article was published on the main site too.)

The MB Shetty post is not entirely self written because after my initial intro, I shared another article there with due credits. It has 17.9k views.

And this was among my favorite self written articles considering the research that went by,
A journey through the horror films of Ramsay brothers. - 13.3k views

by All Time best! (302k points)

and the post continues to draw legends of the forum. nicee


Lord blanka aana abhi baaqi hai(toivo)

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Difficult for me to search upto 5 years old posts . But i think my COI posts were more viewed and responded.(toivo)

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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Well I'll show all my posts which did more than 1 K views, but mostly they are trailer/songs/posters.

Then I'll give original ones.

Manwa Lage - 1.9K views

Fan Gaurav first look - 1.6 K

Review and Ratings for Tubelight - 1.6 K

Mere Naam Tu - 1.5 K

JHMS trailer - 1.5 K

Mohenjodare Trailer - 1.5 K

Forum User reviews of singham Returns - 1.2 K

TZH main poster - 1.1 K
Now a news article, but broken by me

White Tiger kills a man at Delhi Zoo - 1.2 K
Now coming to fully original

Which show had higher TRP, Ramayan or Mahabharat - 1 K

And now, the mighty - A WWE show attracts 30,000 fans in 90s in Bangalore - 4.9 K views

by All Time best! (269k points)

waiting for original.. though it may take some finding for you


Aren't last 2 original?


Okay I had something else in mind.. a bit more descriptive "opinion" or "my 2 cents on something" post... this will also do

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