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I admit it whole heartedly that Tubelight, Race 3 ,Bharat and Dabangg 3 are flops as per set standards by Megastar Himself but but his flops are getting way more footfalls than so called golden phase run of akki kumar and here is the footfalls of recent Salman khans flop movies and Super Hit movies of akki kumar

Tubelight 1.16cr Admits Flop

Jai ho 1.43cr Semi Hit but Flop by haters

Race 3 1.58cr Average but Flop by haters

Bharat 1.65cr approx Semi Hit but flop by haters

Dabangg 3 1cr to 1.07cr Flop but disaster by haters

Kesari 1.13cr Hit

2.0 every one knows its Rajnikanths 1.65cr Super hit

Mission mangal 1.34cr Super Hit

HF 4 1.4cr approx Super Hit

Good News 1.3cr approx Super Hit

Now compare all the data with Flops of Megastar Salman Khan by urself wd Golden phase and Super hits of akki kumar coz with Salman khans Hits akki can never match and  i want to ask all the akki fans who all the time call Race 3,Bharat, Jai ho Flops, Can akki cross Jai Hos footfalls without Sooriyavanshi in his golden phase? Can akki cross Race 3s footfalls with PRC on Diwali? Dil tham k Jawab dena abb and plz no gaalis
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Akshay Kumar is a joke and a comedian. He is playing puppeteer to the government so he can get a good image with the masses and strike gold at the box office. Despite this his range remains below 200cr

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I am going to be up front here and say that I am a fan of Akshay Kumar, and I am currently enjoying this run he is having at the box office, as Salman fans did from 2010 to 2017.

So I might sound biased, but after reading this, I hope everyone understands what's going on. From 2010 onwards, the audience wanted to watch more masala action films, which Salman was catering to them year on year. Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Dabangg 2, Jai Ho, Kick and Sultan all fit in this category, while other films fell in other genres.

The same time, Akshay was experimenting and not getting the right results. HF worked in 2010, then he did a TMK which was another masala entertainer and had a good first weekend and bombed completely. From 2010-2017, the only masala entertainers of Akshay were Rowdy Rathore (BLOCKBUSTER), Khiladi 786 (AVERAGE-SEMI HIT), Boss (FLOP), Gabbar (SEMI HIT). He was experimenting a lot (Joker included).

But when the audiences were tired of Masala entertainers, the shift took place. Akshay was giving back to back hits with patriotic films, urban comedies, and social comedies while Salman stuck to his area of comfort and didnt work at the BO (Race 3, Bharat under performed even though they are more than Akshay's films, but that is partly due to EID).
Also, had Dabangg 3 released 4-5 years ago, the exact same film would have crossed 200cr easily.

Yes Akshay Kumar is giving hits which are collected by others actors in their low phase, but like for like comparison has to take place. It was Salman's time from 2010 onwards, now Akshay Kumar is ruling the Box Office, though not at the level of Salman. But we have to applaud the man for coming back with a bang,

Of course, this is the fan in me talking (and in no way am I a Salman hater). Peace!

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You must not waste your time here mate, I am already pissed up with the repeative post of this guy. He is totally sick and need a checkup.


I know I don't have to reply to anyone. But all these trolls against him online, Akki-Chakki, Canadian etc. Why pull down his stardom image.

If people say he has the most flops in his career, then he also has the most hits as well, which isn't a small feat.

If people feel BOI is partial towards him, then I have many counter points

  1. Producer fig of MM and GN are over 200crs. Why did BOI give figures of 192 and 196cr? But HF 4 crossed 200 cr and people are losing their minds over it.

  2. In 2017, BOI wrote an article about "An Unwanted Clash between Untitled SRK film and Toilet". That SRK film was Jab harry met sejal. And we all know what happened later on.

I have many other counter points but I'd rather not waste them here.
Just enjoy the phase the man is in, enjoy the films. No need to start comparing one actors low phase and another actors high phase.


akashay current star main sabse jyada hits 31 hits diya hai ye record hai aur akshay ko koe touch bhi nahi kar payega may be wo 50 hits bhi pura kar de .

per bade stardom ke liye bade footfall wali movies chahiye jo akshay ke pas nahi hai ..........3 cr, 4cr wali movies jo kisi star ko all time great star main khada karta hai.

past main jeetendra, rishi kapoor, sashi kapoor , manoj kumar , sunny, anil sab ne 3 cr ff wali movie diya hai.


are bapu 3cr, 4cr footfall se koi stardom decide nahi hota...kabhi kabhi yeh footfall theory se bahar aao asli duniya me....uper bataye gaye actor jo tere hisab se 3,- 4 cr ff denewale ko kisi b grade ke movie me side hero ka role bhi nahi mil raha hai....sunny ne 5cr ff wali movie 2001 me di aur 2004 se usko kisi b grade wali movie lead actor ka bhi kam nahi mila....yeh industry tere ff se nahi chalti hai....aaj akshay k pass sabse jyada achche budget wali solo movies hai...woh koi tere aur boi k ff theory k wajah se nahi....but success k wajah se hai...aaj woh sabse achche position me hai.....market me ko kitne jode chappal nahi dekhta.kitna paisa aur profit dekha jata hai....

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Said this a million times. Akshay is a big star. He's made it on his own and survived the game for 30 years. Big credit to him. But no matter what he does, he can't match the Khans. Compare his best with the Khans golden run and difference is clearly seen.

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But y his fans all the time try to degrade Salman khan even they know very well akki can never match even Underperformers of Salman but they they try to degrade his achievements by dragging bad run of 20s decade but reality is Salman was in top 3 even in 20s decade and akki was at 4th position but his fans can not digest the truth and fact


You have all sorts of fans tanveer . Kuch pagaal har fan base me hai. Salman ka golden phase nahi hai ab like 2010-2017, but he's still huge. 40cr ki opening di pichle saal, in his low phase. Levels of stardom clearly seen. Akshay is Mithun/jeetendra level and SK is Big B levels.


But if akki fans call Race 3 and bharat as Flops then in comparison all akki kumars movies will b Flops coz none his movies can cross admits of Salman khans movies


Salman was at such massive levels even a fall is not big enough for him. If Radhey opens this year, that fact will be proven...that is if all goes well and this Corona virus is contained.

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Aamir's disaster= Akshay's biggest hit..... Period .... Now get back to work

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Ha bhai!.... Aukat zero 2018 pe dikh gayi..... Opening of Zero 2018 was almost same as 3 idiots 2009( non inflated)...

If u can't pull crowd to the cinemas, What is the benefit of FAN following?. Apne muhule mein I also have the biggest fan following but nobody helps when I need them.

Yes today Tiger is ahead of Shahrukh saif etc......


yes srk is flop
akki 3 crore superhits in a row
no 1 actor today


Akki hits in 3 years = Aamir hits in 3 decades (entire career)


get back to work...EPIC

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How big a fool you can be? Footfall checked?
Now check the budgets, check the time span in which all these movies have released. If you do, you will get to know who is ruling right now and who was a past. Presenting only half a fact is just a lie. So, Bhai sahab stop lying.
All the 5 movies of Akki you mentioned came in a span of 1 year and your Megastar Bhai will take atleast half a decade for even acting in these many movies. 3 saal ho gaye ek hit ni de paya.
The combined foofalls of Akki's movies in approximately 1 year is surging towards 6.5cr and you say that he is still not no 1. You must rest for a while mahn. More than us its you who is getting affected by his success.
MEGASTAR Bhai didn't even have a proper hit in last 3 years and he won't have it in coming years as well. Soon he will go down to the levels where he was in 10s, where he belongs. Lolzzzz.

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agar shahrukh aamir ke fans bole to thoda samajh bhi aata but sallu who gave flops after flops continously for almost 2 decades then its .....
the one who was just a liability on his co stars for majority of his career till 2010
gave solo hit once in a blue moon is taunting akshay

lol kal ek list daali thi bhai ke 90s performance ki ab ek 2000 ki bhi daalni padegi lagta hai


in 2007 alone akki gave more hits than sallu in an ENTIRE DECADE

hadd hai besharmi ki

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Wohi toh agr srk aamir k fans boley toh unse comparison bnta Salman khan akki toh chindi star hai uska comparison toh ajay se nahi bnta ranbir se nahi bnta bas varun se bnta tiger se b nahi bnta aur khawab dekho ink jin ko 1cr admits pe HIT chahye


hahaha ek actor jiski gaadi 2010 tak doosro ke sahaare chalti thi uske fans akki se compare kar raha hai sallu ko

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