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I had watched Jai ho 5 times in theatre .
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Lal singh Chadda back to back 4 shows. Kept 10k for that film seperately


@Kashyap123 why 10k? You mean tickets for the whole family combined?


Full friends..... open sale...


Open sale. Then wokay.

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Hum Aapke Hain Koun- 22 times

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22 Times in theatre? Omg


aadha collection toh yahi se aaya hai lagta hai


I haven't even seen it once in a full sitting.

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Watched every damn bollywood movie released after 90's....of course starring major stars...!!..and fortunately or unfortunately the thing I am proud of!!!
,watched so many 2-3 times (definitely more than 700-800 movies )...that its difficult to guess now..but below are few I remember bcos it has some personal memories attached to it and not that I liked the film to that extent.......
HAHK - around 19 Times....User Shah took the crown!!...
Mohabbatein - around 11 times
JJWS - around 8 times ( 3 shows in a single day - my first)
DCH - 5 times...
Baahubali -2 - 5-6 Times ...(My most expensive outing in totality)
Gadar - 5 times....(my first - where my clothes where literally torn to shreds...luckily I was wearing undergarments)
Kaho Na Pyar Hain - around 5 times.(My first Black ticket in US)....
and there are many more...
Watched films like "Kaun" 3 times ..."Gupt" also may be 3-4...even after knowing the suspense...
Since I was a Kid - I had a goal to have a theater of my own...so that I can watch any film any time.... but then realized its not an achievable target/feasible ....but still fulfilled my dream within my possible limits/resources.....!!!!!

Only thing I regret...that I was into bolly so much...that I missed /never watched so many good films made in other languages...bcos of the lang barrier...for which I always envy Suhas!!...:)....which I have started lately to watch in last 10 years.....
Naa Jaane kitni baar Black mein Ticket Kharidi hain aur Naa Jaane Kitni Baar Line mein Ticket ke Liye Dande Khaaye hain....but everything was worth it...

Now with all personal and professional responsibilities - I am still trying my best to live my dream !!

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JJWS - you took the crown. I've watched 3 shows in a day but all 3 different films. Only Jaan-E-Mann & Sultan were back to back shows while Kick was morning & evening show on the same day.

Bahubali 2 - 6 times? SIX TIMES? Rich guy.

I envy you for getting to watch Kaun. I regret missing the experience.

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Infinity War and Endgame. Watched both twice.

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Dabangg 7 (It had more to do with me bunking my lectures as it was first year of college for me)
Bajrangi 3
Sultan 3
Kick 3

And yeah Jai Ho and Tubelight are one of the few films of Bhai which I have only seen once.

I have never seen a non Salman Khan movie twice in a theatre.

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Not many, in recent years saw TZH and ZNMD twice in theatres.

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2013 Chennai Express - 8 times
2011 Rockstar - 7
2014 Happy New Year - 7
2015 Dilwale - 6
2016 Raees - 6
2011 Don 2 - 5
2012 Agneepath - 5

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