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I really liked the way Salman sung Main hoon hero tera. How times change. Here in an ideal scenario, we would be waiting for Radhey trailer and instead we have Bhai launching his youtube channel. What a year its turning out to be.

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I hope it can challenge Selfish song..

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Yup totally that is the barometer.

If it wasn't Sajid-Wajid then could've tried to expect something on Hangover lines. But now cannot.

The Main Hoon Hero Tera moment won't be back again for a while.

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andrea boccelli of india
cannot wait

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Hmm. Let's hope Iulia Vantur comes up with Celine Dion's statement on Bocelli in Romanian for Salman.


lol she will
bhai has become quite popular in romania though because of her now
first indian which romanina people know when you talk about india

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