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Who has more Flops amongst 90s Stars?

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Here we do not deep and detailed but superficial analysis about 90s Top 5 stars who r rulling the industry even today so here are the approx numbers nd total number of movies done by the top 5 stars who r working since 90s:-

Megastar Salman khan = total movies 75 : total Success  40: total flops 35

Superstar srk - total movies 64 : total success  39: total flops 25

Superstar Aamir - total movies 44 : total success 24 : total flops 20

Superstar ajay -  total movies 100 approx  : total Success  45 approx : total flops 55

Big star akshay kumar - total movies 120 approx : total success 55 approx : total flops 65 Approx

Note: These numbers are almost certain nd below average and Disasters are considered in a FLOP category collectively.  I consider these numbers approx coz BOI did not update data prior to 93, now share your honest views
Source Link: BOI
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During 90s ...
AKSHAY was at first potion in flopping movies

2nd NO was the Salman khan and take a 3rd position Ajay...
If we facts and figures each star had to face tough time in their carrier...

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Dil Tera Aashiq,Chandramukhi,Chand Ka Tukdaa,Yeh Majdhar, Auzaar,Khamoshi,Chal Mere Bhai,Baabul, Jaaneman, London Dreams,Sawaria,God Tusi Great Ho,Phir Milenge...... etc and etc would have been top actresses movies or multistarrers or female oriented or supporting actors if they were hits as they are distributing credits for the hits by the hypocrites

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Salman khan more flops & disaster in 90s & plz correct only amitabh bachan is megastar in bollywood salman srk amir only superstar

by Art Director (2.5k points)

@srk999 I like it ...... aur yahi truth bhi hai.


agree khans are superstars big b was the only mega star industry had

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Akshay , Salman & Ajay Has More Flops both has 40 Flops or More Flops.
Aamir & Srk Has done very Less Movies in His Career especially Aamir
Srk Became Big Star in His Early Career that's why He has less Flops.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

He has less flops in 90s Salman khan had the best success ratio more than srk Akki has 65 flops ajay has 55 flops yes salman has 35 flops but not 40


es list se to sabse jyada success ratio srk ka hai almost 60% aur salman ka 55%.


Coment padh 90s likha maine

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100 baat ki ek baat

Salman Career

90s me flop

2000s me to me kya bolu

he was just a supporting side actor till 2010

festivals me to naye launde bhi 250-300 cr de denge

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Yeah bakwas krnay ki bjaye facts pe baat kar Salman had best success ratio in 90s was in top 3 in 20s and was numero uno in 2010s nd still he is way ahead of akki


rofl top 3 in 90s hahahahaa
vo ye post dekh lena aur is post par vivek ka answer padh lena unless he is suddenly an akshay fan now
no need to change the facts to show sallu condition in 90s lol


Festival pe to naye laude vi 250-300cr de dega..But but but Akshay ne toh kavi nahi diya festival pe 250..

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Everyone has had flops, when you have a long career, flops will be part and parcel of the game. Akshay and Ajay had maximum flops during that period.

Akshay's had his peak when the Khans have already been there, seen and done it. Like it or hate it.

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