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Name & Rate Movies You've Watched Last Week

Season 2 Week 4

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This week belongs to Edgar Wright. Had fun.

  1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Cinemasins did a sin video & Grand Nova watched it last week so gave it a try. Fun, Geeky, has its own unique style which works very well. Besides, it got both Captains - Marvel & America. 7/10.
  2. Shaun of the Dead: It started really well but didn't liked the events of pub. Antagonising David didn't really felt good, was very pissed on film for that but I got over it. 6/10
  3. Hot Fuzz: Amongst all Wright films this week, this one was the best. Almost all the jokes land well. 7/10
  4. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan: On paper it is a very good idea of having a sex taboo related comedy series and they did really well with having some good laugh scenes but as a film they all fall flat and are lame af. Hopefully this is the last of franchise. 1/10

Movie of the Week: Hot Fuzz

TV Shows

  1. Better Call Saul: S05E08-09: The season is killing it in its final episode. Right at level of Breaking Bad Season 5. Pumped for Season Finale. The best running TV show at present. 9/10
  2. Daredevil: S01E01-05: Always wanted to watch the Marvel TV shows but then movies were separated from the shows and eventually Netflix was made to cancel them, so hesitated a bit but then started it anyways. The show is good so far but then I am hesitant on the fact that it will go nowhere, not entirely sure if I will continue it or not. NR yet.
  3. Peaky Blinders: Pilot: Another praised show, gave it try. Okayish pilot. May continue in next weeks. Not much to say though.
  4. Panchayat: Pilot was good but it soon lost the groundness and by the end of it was just a good time pass stuff. That said, despite being Tier B stuff of TVF, still better than everything Netflix/Prime Indian original have made (except Breathe). 6/10.

TV Series of the Week: Better Call Saul

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I will be watching another movie tonight which I will add later to the answer.

So far..

  1. Sufna [2020 - Punjabi] = 6/10 [Simple sweet film. Had a different expectations because of the team + Ammy Virk. Ofcourse Qismat was the reason. As I watched this without watching the trailer. Basically performance oriented & the lead actress did full justice. Ammy too supported her. The comedy in the first half didn't entirely work for me but the three friends camaraderie looked much better in the second half. It did drag but I am thankful for the writers to not ending this on a tragic note. Main reason for not connecting entirely was me expecting Qismat like music from this. The fisst & the last song worked for me. Even the child actress. Cheesier emotional lines somehow worked just like Qismat. The Diljit reference was fun, wish they had inserted his college part more into the story than letting the screenplay get predictable.]
  2. Parasite [2019 - Korean] = NR [Already rated. Re-watched it, infact watched it with parents this time & both of them liked it. Ofcourse dad wasn't impressed having to read the subtitles & listen to ke explaining the scene/dialogues. But towards the end, right from the water flooding their home scene, he was totally into the movie.]
  3. Attarintiki Daredi [2013 - Telugu] = NR [Had no other work in the evening so watched back to back Pawan Kalyan-Trivikram films on Star Maa Movies. Starting with this. Somehow didn't feel bored.]
  4. Jalsa [2008 - Telugu] = NR [This was the other movie. I enjoyed it considering it had been years since I last watched it & actually wanted to watch it again. Parents didn't enjoy it this time. Probably because they didn't like being forced to watch back to back films. The dialogues still does the charm. Felt this one doesn't stand the test of time.]
  5. Sons of the Desert [1933] = 7/10 [A Laurel & Hardy gem. Timeless classic.]
  6. Subramanyam For Sale [2015 - Telugu] = 4/10 [Re-watched it in the afternoon. Wonder what do people liked in it? I mean not a bad film, my rating has reduced on the re-watches, the comedy just wasn't organic to work on re-watches.]
  7. Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior [2020] = 7/10 [To the point. Extra rating for the screenplay & ofcourse Saif Ali Khan's winning performance. If you keep the agenda aside, the film is really well made & worth praising. Ofcourse Marathi accent at places was bit tough to catch on.]
    No Money Heist S04 yet thanks to the internet. Started new tv-series Run, impressed by the 1st episode.
    Movie(s) of the week = Parasite, Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior, Sons of The Desert, Jalsa & Sufna.

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The comedy in the first half didn't entirely work for me but the three friends camaraderie looked much better in the second half.

I didn't mind it, in fact enjoyed in first watch but second watch it do feels low. May be that's how a neutral person like you would watch/feel it. 1st half overall lacks repeat value.

Main reason for not connecting entirely was me expecting Qismat like music from this. The first & the last song worked for me.

For me the film actually was weaker than Qismat but it was music that make it almost par. First and Last are my pick as well but I would be taking them all over all songs of Qismat except Kaun Hoyega. If I ever get married, "Jaan Deyan Ge" is definitely gonna be part of pre-wedding video.

Rest all the other things you mentioned I agree completely, had same issues from the film. The child actress is Director's daughter. One more thing about Jagdeep's film except Shadaa (which was almost entirely on Diljit shoulders), all his films start from the narrative of female lead. Qismat starts with Bani's BF cheating on him, Sufna with Teg's missing father and Surkhi Bindi, I suggest you watch yourself. Loved that film, would place it over Sufna.


BTW you mentioned about Money Heist. You aren't missing much TBH but do watch Better Call Saul. That you definitely are missing.


Should check out Surkhi Bindi. Sargun again know.

One could easily relate to Jagdeep's style of direction. It heavily depends on emotions & more concentration on the female characters pov. That almost works better & he does it well.

For me Qismat songs are way too special since they're on my playlist even now. I love O Fakira & Dholna equally too. Somehow missed the high pitched songs in Sufna. Haven't heard much of B Praak so my immediate comparison will be with Qismat only.

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Good, started the whole Superhero Comic book trend in full motion which now has become well.....


Unlike most, i don't like this one that much. It's good, just not one of the best superhero movies ever type good.

X Men The Last Stand


X Men First Class

One of the Best X Men movies ever, my personal favorite, total perfection, lifting submarine - Magical.

X Men Days of Future Past

Did Time Travel better than EndGame, honestly should've been the series finale as it wrapped everything up nicely.

X Men Apocalypse

Wasn't needed but it gave one of the most powerful scene where a character launching his full power..... Not talking about phoenix

Talking about Magneto destroying that Holocaust Camp and then Ripping apart the Earth so seamlessly.

Would solo smash 95% of MCU heroes in a fight (Maybe more)

X Men Dark Phoenix


Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Banger from start to finish, that nuke sequence is terrifying and Karan Arjun copied it's theme typical Bollywood.

Star Wars

Turned off after 15 minutes, bored me like anything, laughable, maybe will give it a chance again later.

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Indians who complain of vfx need to give it a pass coz its 1977. Isn't that true for older hindi movies whom you claim are unwatchable ? Give them a break coz it was 1950s or 60s and not the 2000s?


Also clearing the misconception that just Americans are crazy about Star Wars. The markets where Hollywood films used to release in 1980s are where Star Wars film are strong. India started getting Hollywood films properly in 90s.

Star Wars ran for 50 Weeks in Bombay. A proper Hollywood releases in 70-80s would have meant India a big market for franchise and also Bollywood would have been a lot more different.


Yeah ofcourse pass is given for technological weakness. Why else do I praise Anand, Sholay, etc.


the only explanation for star wars craze is widespread of geek culture in us , even their primetime television was simpsons at a time , though it was good but still grown up people watching cartoon for 20 years !!!!!

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It chapter 2: 2/5. Over ambitious and drags along aimlessly.
India's most wanted: 1/5. Arjun kapoor can ruin anything
Panipat: 2.5/5. Baba saves the show...somewhat
De De pyaar de: 3/5. Good one time watch. Tabu is the star here.
MI: Fallout: 4/5. The best of what I saw this week.

Black lightning: Season3: Not finding it as good as the previous seasons till now

Started watching money heist and end of the f***** world season 2. Gonna update on this in a week.

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Started the first season only mate.


u said "end of the f***** world season 2" , so i thought you finished s2 , s3 is not good imo


End of the f***** world doesn't have a 3rd season.


oh that is the name of a series , i did not know (facepalm)

God this is getting funnier

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Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan : (2/10)
There were 2 incomplete marriages with hardly 2 or 3 scenes makes you laugh in the whole movie ..
LGBT is still a Taboo so its appeal will be limited but still it fails on the basic lines of entertainment ..
Those 3 scenes funny scenes were already shown in the trailer ..
The film did look more like a web show ..
The worst Ayushman film till date ..

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First Shubh Mangal film was bad as well. Had same issue with film with jokes working as solo scenes but falling apart as lame when joined together in the film.


Actually 1st Shubh Mangal was too on a Taabo but it had its moments with more funny scenes compared to this SMZS ....
SMS was atleast a one time watch though not with family ..
SMJS is plain boresome ...

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  1. Soldier (4/10): Typical 90's movie. Forced humour, unnecessary romance, and way too many subplots. The movie gets better after the actual story is put into action, but it's too late by then. Bobby also didn't look good to me in this movie, nor was his performance good. I did appreciate this little bit of misdirection in the start. But overall, there's nothing special about this movie. But it is always good to watch old Bollywood movies as you can save 30-45 min just by skipping the songs.

  2. Upgrade (7.5/10): While watching this movie I could not believe that it was so low budget. It looked very expensive and high quality. Props to the entire team behind it. I liked this movie for the story and action, even though the story was a little predictable. The action was shot in an inventive way and the story was told in a very quick manner, you never felt like it was dragging it's foot in anything. I even liked the ending, which is the best that could have happened after the events of the story. After watching it I can understand why the director became a big deal in Hollywood.

  3. The Farewell (didn't finish): It was a decent enough movie about family relationships and reconnecting after a long time apart. Reminded me of my own family a bit. But it just didn't do much for me in terms of making me invested in the characters or the story, so I closed it halfway.

  4. Ford v Ferrari (8/10): A great movie. I was always expecting it to be good, but the runtime lead to me hesitating to watch it. Well, that wasn't needed because they movie makes full use of it's runtime. It invests you in the characters and makes you side with them, by perhaps villainizing the corporate guys at Ford. The performances by both lead actors are solid and makes you believe in their relationship even though the movie does not go into detail about that. The centrepiece is the racing sequences. However it may have been achieved, some mix of CGI and location shooting, but it looks amazing and convincing. Ultimately the movie ends in a tragedy, but it still leaves you satisfied and happy. This would be one of those movies that I revisit every few years.

  5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (3/10): Well, right onto another big budget multi-starrer. I expected a lot. I have liked a lot of Tarantino's movies before. Have come to expect politically incorrect characters, clever dialogue, brutal action, and tons of stories that meet at some point. But I was sorely disappointed in this movie. Seems like Tarantino just wanted to revisit his roots, and thought everyone would be interested in such a thing. I am not interested in watching people drive around in 1960's Hollywood. Not to mention, so many things in the movie are useless. What even was Margot's role? Just dancing and smiling endlessly, no story, so dialogue. What was the point of Pussycat's character? Cliff achieved nothing by going to that ranch. And then a sudden time jump ruins the entire movie, and we have a narrator out of nowhere. It had me pulling my hair out. We all know that Tarantino was going to do his alternate history thing, but it took so long to get there, and had no connection to the stuff that came before. Seems like Tarantino has gotten way too confident and no one tried saying no to him. This may be the most disappointing movie of last year.

  6. Toy Story 4 (7.5/10): Sweet, touching and funny ending to the Toy Story saga (though there will probably be a 5th one years later). I would rank it below #2, on par with #1, and above #3. The good parts were the re-introduction of Bo, a continuation of Woody's existential crisis, and yet another fun adventure to go on with these characters. But I was a but disappointed with how little the main gang was in the movie, and how much the Toy's seemed to interfere in the real world. It seemed a lot more than the other movies. But it ultimately gave us a good ending for these characters and establishes itself as an essential part of the Toy Story series.


Took a break from 30 Rock this week to watch The Outsider. It was listed as a suspense drama so I thought I would give it a try. The first 2 episodes were good, but being a Stephen King story, supernatural elements were bound to get in there, and that is where I stopped, as those type of stories are an absolute no for me. But if anyone likes those type of stories, this show is a good watch.

Better Call Saul: I have not liked this show much since the end on season 3. Chuck's death changed the show, and it has become too slow. It tests my patience. I am inly watching it because of it's connection to Breaking Bad. But this week's episode was good. Especially the last few minutes were among the most tense moments I have ever seen on a TV show. Am looking forward to the last episode.

Run: A new show I am trying. A minute comedy-drama with elements of crime and mystery seems good. The first episode was good other than some clunky moments here and there. Hoping the rest of the season is good.

Movie of the week: Ford v Ferrari.

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once upon time is dissappointing for sure but just read about sharon tate in detail and it might just seem a little better though still slow


SOLDIER IS A CLASSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw TARAN TIN TIN TINO wahan ka imtiaz ali hai

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Last week I had watched :

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    • Masaan
      • Manjhi – The Mountain Man
      • Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon
      • Raman Raghav 2.0

now anyone can suggest me the name of movies to watch movies this week???
thanks, in advanced

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