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If Sooryavanshi is given the first priority as the main release with no restrictions by the govt with respect to social distancing then you can see it doing the number.

I don't see any other movie of his generating the buzz. Diwali period won't fetch you that collections on back to back days. Other than Sooryavanshi, don't see any other film getting a solo release even without corona pandemic. Prithviraj Chauhan like I said, if had come on Diwali, wouldn't have done Sultan kinda business.

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Once this corona pandemic is over your wish will surely be fulfilled. Don't worry brother.

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None can, it would need a 5 day weekend for that even if it gets maintaining at such high levels is very hard even though it's the biggest movie of this year.
SV has chances though.
Anyway that 180cr weekend is now 250cr that's almost impossible for any movie this year let alone SV.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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ek din hua toh party karte hai sir fans.. idhar 5 ki baat ho rhi hai :D

even if someone does it.. it wont be same as sultan

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holiday release par to tiger shroff bhi 30 crore de dega har baar

but bigger question is can akki give 7 mega blockbusters in 2-3 years like sallu

Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna
London Dreams
God Tussi Great Ho

i highly doubt lol :D

by Location Scout (3.5k points)

Namaste London was a semi hit


@saaransh tu akal se paidal hai ya koi special course kar ke aaya hai apni beizzati karwane ..

shameless idiot ..


abe kuch sharam kar lo
you yourself are abusing all are ganging upon a single guy and then even hiding the comment when u urself saying derogatory words
what a bunch of cowards !!!!


A guy who is continuously brings Salman movies angle & blabbers nonsense in everywhere & when provided with facts just runs away from their & again does the same thing at some other place is asking this ...

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gaya bhai ab khans ka time ab zamana hai nayi pidi ka
hopefully one among tiger ranveer ranbir becomes huge

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Sooryavanshi can if it comes solo. That's the only release Akshay is going to have for 2020.

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i think sooryanvanshi will decimate the box office

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Sultan did 5 continuous 30cr+ as well as 35cr+ on 4 days out of 1st 5 days ..
Even the mighty Baahubali 2 couldn't able to break Sultan's worldwide weekend figures ..
The only record it missed that tells the story ..

by Producer (118k points)
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Baahubali 2 Hindi ?


Sultan Worwide weekend gross - 210cr
Baahubali 2(Hindi) ww wknd gross - 209cr


Well Hindi is what we take just for comparison.

Reality, well.....

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The mighty sultan ... It's been 5 years and still holds bollywood's opening records

Biggest extended weekend domestic worldwide
Biggest weekend worldwide
Biggest week domestic worldwide
Biggest non holiday single day

Impossible for Akshay ...

Whoever would reach Salman Khan's box-office stature what it was back in 2006 ... Can only claim this 5 back to back 30cr+ days with 35cr per day average
Not even Salman Khan himself can do that ... again

by Super-star (198k points)

2016 likhna hoga....wrna 2006 mein to Salman bhai ka stature bohat he ooncha tha :D

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