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If Shah Rukh can do it, can Salman be far behind? The summer of ’03 will find Salman Khan riding a bicycle (not a Land Cruiser), wearing dhoti and kurta (not jeans and nothing), and playing Bhootnath in Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam, mouthing Bengali snatches (not Mumbaiya slang).

The Bimal Mitra classic that was last adapted for the big screen in 1962 by Guru Dutt (as Bhootnath), will be produced by Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC). “Salman was the unanimous choice, as his face structure can best portray the pathos of the character,” said Nandy on Wednesday, in town to check the initial collections of Kaante. For the all-important Chhoti Bahu’s role, talks are on with “a top Bollywood actress”.

Like Devdas, this will be drawn from Bengali literature. Like Devdas, it will be a milestone in Bollywood, turning the pages of the past to dig out a good storyline. Like Devdas, this will star one of the king Khans, like Devdas, this will rope in a leading Bollywood lady. But, insisted Nandy, the similarity ends there.

Sahib... will be made on one-third of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s budget but will retain the grandeur of the zamindari system. I feel we should revive the Guru Dutt halo, which is why we decided to produce the film that is probably going to be a bilingual. The shooting will take place in Mumbai and Calcutta.”

But wasn’t Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam sparked off by Bhansali’s remake of the Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay masterpiece and all the Oscar hype that followed? No way, declared Nandy. “Being a Bengali and nursing a soft corner for old classics, I had toyed with the idea of making Sahib… for quite a while. Also, I feel Bhansali made Devdas and the other characters look very rich, which should not have been the case.”

Among PNC’s 15-odd projects in the pipeline are Jhankar BeatsChameliMystic MasseurHazaro Khawishe Aisi and — if things work out — two of Aparna Sen’s next films. So, it’s focus Tollygunge for more than just the literature. Starting Calcutta operations is “just a matter of time”, said Nandy. “I always feel people in Tollywood and Bollywood make films out of passion. The rest, including Hollywood, do it simply for money,” said Nandy, once-bitten-twice-shy of Beverly Hills after Kaante’s Hollywood production experience proved a real “disappointment”.

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'One of the king Khans', that is what I used to read about Salman after he was first given the title King Khan long before SRK was annointed with the title.

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Sahab biwi aur Ghulam is an absolute classic. I'm glad it dint get remade. I doubt any actress had the calibre to step into Meena Kumari's shoes.

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Glad that you have seen somany old classics ..
And i'm yet to watch this & many other classics ..


I watched this a few days back @Irdwhelp. I had heard a lot of it. Indeed Meena kumari was a legend and impossible for any other actress to match up to it.

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just imagine salman trying to act seriously people in cinema would have died laughing :D

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apna desi pacino :D ab aisi acting hogi to log kya llkarrenge theatre me lol


Grow up kiddo. If this is your sense of humour, I pity you. Better to go on Twitter and post all this


@Saaransh log toh mare nahi theater mein. I watched Tubelight twice in theaters, mere theater mein toh nahi. Definitely nobody laughed at the acting.

And I enjoyed Tubelight as well as praised the positive aspects of this performance. Infact the screenshots you provided were from the best part of the movie with second one being the first powerful scene. Try harder. Because I am aware which of the scenes exactly where his acting skills the entire last decade. From Veer till Dabangg 3. Again, try harder.

Jisne ss liya even he couldn't put his brains first to which scene to criticize from Tubelight to properly mock. Funny that they require guidance from a Bhai fan on which scene's acting to be mocked.


Tubelight the movie itself was a big bore. Even I felt Salman acted pretty well, considering how much of a drag the movie was. The problem was with the script, not the acting.

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