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So trend of Small Hits with lower footfalls than Flops of Khans continues for Akki kumar !

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So BOI has updated Kesari,Total dhamal nd Gully boys Verdicts nd Footfalls here is the data

Kesari (Hit) - 1.13cr Admits

Total Dhamaal (Hit) - 1.25cr admits

Gully Boy (Hit) - 89 lacs Admits

One point is clearly proved here flops of Khans like Tubelight, Thugs nd Dabangg 3 are very much on par with Many Hits of akki now i predict Bharats footfalls will be even 10 lacs more than So called Super Hit HF 4 footfalls and that is Salman khans down phase while akkis so called best ever phase
Source Link: BOI
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Comparing Akshay with Khans is like comparing Rohit with Virat. Just because Rohit scored more runs in a world cup doesn't make him a bigger player than Kohli. Similarly one good 2019 will not make Akshay no 1. If Salman slips up again this year, we have Aamir waiting to grab the top spot with LSC.

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That i am saying too since ages aamir khan can over take Salman khan on fair value but akki ? He is not even on par with his currently low phase then how can he overcome Salman Khan? Coz to overcome Salman he must match his standards first if he matches that standards then he can overtake him but till now he is even way short of his ( Salmans ) low phase if Salman picks the momentum again this year then akki will b behind Aamir khan nd will b at no. 3


If Radhe fails and LSC works big time,Aamir will once again take the top spot.

Par jaise hi Sooryavanshi release ho jaayegi, BOI will declare Akshay as no 1.


That even every one knows very well that BOI will declare akki kumar as new no.1 if sooriyavanshi clicks even BOI knows well SV is all about brand rohit shetty akki has nothing to do wd its success


I Don't Think Laal Singh Chaddha Release This Year Because Shooting And All Film Related Work Won't Start To Early....... So All Upcoming Films Release Date Delayed And Faces Clashes On A Very Big Time And Business Affected Also.......

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Never seen Khans insulted this much

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i wonder why people compare akki to an actor who for majority of his career relied on multistarrers without which he would have started playing side roles in the movies by early 2000s

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Multi starrers of Akshay Kumar:

Houseful series
Hera pheri franchisee 
Ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyon 
Dil to paagal hai(cameo but Akshay got a muft ki hit due to SRK) 
Garam masala 
Ek rishta (co starred Big b for those who dont know)
Bhagam bhag
Awara pagal dewaana 
Deewane hue paagal 
De Dana Dan 
Desi boys 
Patiala house 
Thank you 
Main khiladi tu anari 
Hey baby

You ran away from the thread, no issues. You can answer here. Go on. Your comments on these.


hahaha i dont want to come down to the level of bhai fans as i said
jaisa darpok actor vaise beghairat fans doosro ki hits ko chura chura kar apni list me daal dete hhai kuch log
hazar paap kare hoge akki ke fans par aisa chindipana nahi karte


Bro I am not a huge salman fan but it's just useless to compare akshay with salman. He is way too bigger than akshay. And even if we consider him as a side actor until 2010..he still has given more blockbusters and bumper openings than akshay's whole career.


Kakarot, exactly. Fan or not, it needs a special kind of stupidity to claim Akshay as bigger than Salman. Chalo, let's assume Salman was zero before 2010, still 2010-2012 period for SK is way bigger than what Akshay will achieve in his so called golden phase.

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