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Unpopular Opinion TBO edition - If SRK had so much time and money to spend on JHMS, Zero, he could've actually given G One a chance instead.

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We all know how bad things have went for SRK in the second half of this decade. Specially with JHMS and ZERO, two movies which have utterly obliterated his image among moviegoers. So the question here is, what could he have done differently? Now you can say that make those movie good but then again, it's not like that, i personally have a theory or a thought more like it, about what SRK could've done instead.

We saw how much time SRK literally wasted on JHMS and how much time and money it took to make a movie like Zero, and it resulted in results in negative magnitude. So here's what i thought.

If SRK had so much time and money to spend on producing JHMS, Zero, he could've actually given G One a chance instead. Before you guys go what? Hear me out fully. 

Yeah Ra One was a mess but then again, so were JHMS and ZERO, and dare i say, they were actually bigger mess. Now remember the time of Ra One how it had the best VFX seen in Bollywood ever, how it was hyped to no end, how it opened at ticket window and although it didn't actually worked out well, it was an attempt.

Now come to 2016-2017 period, Superhero genre is severly lacking in Bollywood, 2016 just saw a mediocrity named Flying Jatt, that the makers even thought of making it shows how dire condition of SH genre is in Bollywood. Now come SRK,  he decides to give time and money not to JHMS or Zero, but to sequel of his SH movie, but this time he wants to do it right.

So he decides to work better story this time and also to make it bigger and better. And i do think that with better technology and different approach, maybe audience would've given him another shot, Worst case scenario too it wouldn't have stunk like Zero

I think with better technology, and say better trailer and a product which actually looked worthy of 250-300 crs budget, people would have actually been excited for it.

Think about it, Bollywood lacks this, big movies, big enough movies which are worth your ticket prices, movies that look big, movies that feel big, movies which are not just a movie, but a spectacle. And mind you, A big budget action spectacle would attract more audience than whatever JHMS and Zero were even if previous installment was Ra One.

Now we have seen that aside from the fact that JHMS and ZERO were rejected, they were unable to get an opening worthy of a Superstar, now a movie with massive scale and promise like G One, now this beast would ooen big, and not only open big, it would open bigger than what JHMS, ZERO did in their lifetime.

Think about it, a movie which if done right would've brought SRK right on the pedestal and even if it had gone wrong again, it still in my personal opinion couldn't have gone as bad as JHMS and ZERO.

So just think about it guys, removing all bad feelings you may have about Ra One at this point and think and say, if SRK had to spend years and 250-350 crs on movies, wouldn't it have been better to soend them on a G One rather than a JHMS or a ZERO..?? 

Shoot your opinion guys. 

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Watching Zero made the likes of,HNY etc look like tolerable stuff. So yeah agreed.

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Raone had the best VFX and Visuals for a Indian movie till date.
It was miles ahead of 2.0/BB and all other big scale extravaganza..
RCE with 250cr budget could have created magic on screen interms of visuals and at last it's a genre that appeals to all unlike jhms kind of stuff and very rarely attempted .
Despite first part being rejected it could have opened to packed houses.
Raone was the most promoted movie of the decade that lead to more disappointment upon release anyway Jhms and Zero are worst movies by any Superstars this decade along with Race3. And how much damage it has done to Srk's opening pull can be clearly seen in Zero's opening which was looking promising until release.
Raone execution was childish though concept was new for Indians, Gone even if bad will open huge and such genre has a MG lifetime.

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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by Location Manager (7.9k points)
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Just get a good writer and script. Do whatever else.

by Super-star (194k points)
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Lack of human aspect to the 'G.One' character has always been a no-no for me, and so I'm not really interested in the sequel if there would be any along the same lines, in the future. I'd rather be interested in the son of Subrahmanium turning into G.One and drop the whole 'Video Game character' coming to the real-world narrative entirely.

Also, dare I say(:p), SRK has aged since then, like any other human being, and considering G.One is a video game character—it wouldn't make sense for the character to be seen aged compared to 2011.

Maybe leave it for Aryan to reboot it in the future. Nepotism ftw!

Edit: In hindsight, it definitely seems like it would have made sense for SRK to drop 250-300 Cr* on a G.One reboot instead of a 'Zero' and 'HNY' definitely. Ra.One had immense hype, the film was more-or-less force-fed to people on all mediums right up to its release, and a sequel to that would have broke records left and right, with the right script.

*absolute peanuts :p

by Assistant Director (55.9k points)
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BTW lack of human character didn't stop Terminator 2, Iron Giant, Big Hero 6, fuckin Wall E

So many others based on a robotic character or non human that went on to be successful.


Apart from Terminator, all the ones that you've mentioned are Animations. You can't expect subjects that may fly as animations to be transitioned successfully over to live-action.

Besides, BO wasn't my point anyway, I was just saying based on my personal preference how that aspect affected my likeness for the film.

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Ra. One is a damages brand and SRK didn't know while making JHMS and Zero that they would be such big messes.

And this entire idea relies on SRK making a good movie with a good story, which wouldn't have happened anyways.

by Editor (81.9k points)

Audience hunger for big spectacles overruke the damage of Ra One 7 years back.
We are talking about the grandest movie of Bollywood which actually from trailers and promos look like grandest.
I'd bet it would've opened bigger than JHMS plus ZERO combined.


And how would have SRK knew that JHMS and Zero will go this wrong? If he would have knew that then why would he have done them in 1st place. If he had gone for G.One instead and failed like Ra.One, I can imagine people coming up with articles criticising him for not trying something new and going for something which was reject the 1st time as well.
Atleast, with Zero and JHMS he had the faith that if people saw them just like he does then they will work.


Because we are talking in condition in which he's spending so much time and money.
He couldn't see how they would go but do you think JHMS should've taken as much time as it took and Zero that much budget?

Both the movies could've been finished in much lesser time and budget but they didn't.
Point is that a big sci fi adventure/ Super Hero genre is much better bet to spend time and money than something off the track like Zero.


JHMS taking this much time and Zero's exceedingly high budget are just the consequences of the way Khans opt to work. They have worked like this for years and have got success. But, everything can't be jolly so when the final product goes wrong then it hits you hard, really hard. Its not just the problem with SRK. Look at the Aamir. The man who delivered a record breaking Dangal which many thought won't even touch Sultan's no. because the way Aamir was presented. But, Dangal's success was so big that after it nobody ever trolled Aamir fans by giving most of the credit to Hirani for PK and 3 idiots. He was numero uno straight away. Then he gave 2 years to TOH (which had poorer vfx than Kesari) and now he is hardly in top 3. TOH was bad, yes but it was not it that brought Aamir down, it was those 2 years that he gave to a movie like TOH. Similar things have happened to SRK, its not the performance of the movies, its the time and money he invested on the movies that don't deserve even half of it.
People will keep crying about BOI declaring the budget of Khans movies so high but Bhai its the way Khans work. They will keep the price high for everything. Even herions, directors and rest of the starcast and crew in Khans movies will get more than what they will get otherwise. Nothing happens if movie works but if it fails all this backfires and movies merely becomes a success even after doing 150cr or even 200cr. Thats why a B grade D3 have budget in excess of 200cr. But, fans here won't understand this so leave that....

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Agree with you.

Combined footfalls of JHMS and ZERO are around 1.24 crore while Ra.One did 1.61 cr footfall which is still higher than Race 3 or even Baaghi 2 or Singham.

So yes he should have given it a try.

by Production Designer (12.6k points)

Dude the difference b/w Race 3 & Baaghi 2, Singham is that the former was the most trolled with negative reviews & negative wom while the 2 latters were accepted films ..
Race 3 > Ra-one for negativity in social media ..

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Yeah agreed... He again can do a pan India movie and at least be back in the game.

I know this is irrelevant but I remember srk during promotions telling media that G is for Gauri, and 1 is for his position in the industry when someone asked about what stood for
But back then I was not as mature as I am now but I had thought.. boy the ego on that guy

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)

whats wrong he was the number 1 star for a long time back then its like salman saying this in 2018


At the time of, Salman and Amir were competing for first spot. Yeh bhai sahab aa gaye apni pipudi bajane.. it was understandable at the time of OSO, Rab ne (also the time when Amir beat him comprehensively)

Salman has never said such shit. Others say it for him including SRK and Aamir.


lol if srk was not number 1 in 2011 after being number 1 in all of 00s decade
then there is no way salman is number 1 right now
be consistent


no one asked for your opinion boi about who is number 1. Records dekh liyo. Samajh jayega