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Name & Rate Movies You've Watched Last Week: Season 2

Continuing the series, this week's post. For the previous week you can check it out links below. Original series credit - Ankit007

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1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest: Rewatch. Just like the original, fun elements are all there especially in the start but towards the end the film start going farther from its core IMO. Still a solid Blockbuster film. 7/10
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Also Rewatch. The third one is even less of first one and more of second one, which wasn't something I liked. Still a good closure to the main trilogy. 6/10
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: This is weird. Contrary to popular belief found it really good actually. In fact best only to 'Curse of Black Pearl'. It started on mixed note but the 3rd act and ending in particular was really good. 8/10
4. Pirates of the Carribean: Salzar's Revenge: This is most likely the last Jack Sparrow film in the franchise and it truly ends at a very somber note. Not really a satisfying end to the franchise but it wasn't hateful either like that of The Rise of Skywalker and Game of Thrones. Hector's sacrifice felt forced. Jack Sparrow felt out of its elements for most of the film. Still, the film has fun moments. 5/10
5. Angrezi Medium (Hindi): Not really a fan of original, that felt artificial to me but this started on a good note but by the second half it turned into a lame cliched emotional-comedy. 3/10

Movie of the Week: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

TV Shows
1. Money Heist S01-S04: This is where my most of the week went. I liked the first two seasons, had my nitpicks but overall I found it entertaining. Didn't like the start of 3rd season one bit. It felt forced and stretched but credit where due by the end of season it start getting better. Now coming to S04, pick up at high note of S03 but go down tide from there on. General consensus is that it get better in latter episodes but it didn't for me and I am about done with the series. 7/10 with quality going down every season.

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This week...

  1. Psycho [2020 - Tamil] = 4/10 [Mysskin's weakest work. The liberties taken is so not Mysskin's style. This serial killer thriller would have been something else. Extremely violent Indian film in recent times for sure but then when you have a director like Mysskin & if you remember only gore scenes then you know where it went wrong. About positives, those sole Mysskin signature moments still stood out - serial killer kidnapping Aditi Rao Hydari infront of the hero who is blind, just a stunning sequence. The whole investigation scenes were fun if one overlooks the fact that a blind guy with a quadriplegic lady is finding all the clues by themselves which makes the entire police department look so dumb. The last 10mins was touchy in an attempt to shed light on psychopath's past. It came too late. And so many beheadings by the serial killer shown as it is felt too much.]
  2. Oh My Kadavule [2020 - Tamil] = 6/10 [Predictable fun film. Kadavule means god, so imagine Bruce Almighty made into a quirky romantic comedy. Vijay Sethupathi as God was fun but the lead actors were easy on eyes. The director's tribute to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was so evident so as a fan of the classic series, I was totally happy. Pretty clear why this became a Hit at the box office. Totally predictable but definitely easy watch.]
  3. HIT - The First Case [2020 - Telugu] = 6/10 [Again predictable murder mystery. But I am looking forward to it's sequel because the final twist was not entirely predictable. Major complain was not utilising Murali Sharma by having in such a role which I really hoped to have a better character arc. They have kept the mystery on about those glimpses of flashback scenes so a solid prequel would be better than a direct sequel.]
  4. Angrezi Medium [2020] = 5/10 [Lenient. But come on, Irrfan & Deepak Dobriyal were such a treat. Radhika Madan is always good to see on screen. The lenient stuff took away the impact from the scenes in totality but honestly it was just fun watching the favorite actors. The jokes didn't fall flat tbh.]
  5. Kick [2014] = NR [Have rated too many times. Ofcourse Star Gold was the reason why I got to watch it. Remote was in my hand & Bhai was on the screen. Unless it's Race 3 or Ready, no reason to change the channel.]
  6. Vishnuvardhana [2011 - Kannada] = 4/10 [I remember rating it earlier but still. Again 6pm strict lockdown rules led to me watching this on tv. Doesn't really stand the test of time. Too many things to nag. Until I get to watch the Korean original, I guess I should put my nagging to rest.]

Due to bad internet connection, not able to watch Money Heist Season 4 yet so I am too pissed to talk about series.

Movie of the Week = Kick, Oh My Kadavule, HIT - The First Case, Angrezi Medium.
Also Psycho for the ones interested to checkout Mysskin's work. If you haven't seen any of his movies then I suggest to not start with Psycho.

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Asur 2/5 , a terrible bore
The Kingdom 3.5/5 Good

devdas 2002 4/5 , stunning
Good time 3/5 okayish
Pretty in pink 4/5

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Matamgi Manipur- 7/10, first Manipuri movie (1972).
The movie won President's Gold Medal at 20 th National Award

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where do you get all these movies



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Lights out: 2.5/5
Chak De India: 4/5. Seen countless times. Never gets old. Amazing act from SRK.

Asur: 4.5/5. Highly highly recommended. I wasn't giving it much of a chance. Pleasantly surprised.

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whattt 4.5 to asur it was seriously mediocre imo

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1. The Gentlemen (7.25/10): I have liked Guy Ritchie's movies previously, so this one was on my list. The impressive IMDB score convinced me to watch it, and I wanted to see something fun anyway, but I knew my entire attention had to be on the movie, and I had to watch it in one sitting. Ritchie's movies are very fact paced with snappy dialogues and tons to characters, and you can get lost very easily. I liked it. The characters were good (especially Colin Farrell's character), the story was good and not too confusing, the actors all had swag and style. Action was nice as well and the narrative technique allowed for some uniqueness. The movie started out slowly, which lost it some points, but it gained momentum after 30 minutes and became very interesting. Another thing I disliked was that there is literally only 1 female character in the movie, and she almost gets r-a-p-e-d. But overall it was good and lived upto expectations. Special mention to the pronunciation of Phuk's name.

2. Uncut Gems (didn't finish): Another fast paced movie after The Gentlemen. I appreciated Adam Sandler's acting, but I didn't like the director's previous work, and this one had a similar feeling. One hour in I decided to stop. People were saying that this movie was causing viewers to get anxiety and stress because of how loud and obnoxious it is, but I didn't feel that. For those interested, this movie shows a different side of Adam Sandler and is not interested in pandering to all audiences, it is what it is and owns it's genre.

3. Panga (4/10): Ashwiny Iyer became one of the most promising directors for me after Nil Battey Sannata and Bareilly Ki Barfi. I was looking forward to her next work. When I found out that it was a sports movie, I was disappointed because we've seen tons to sports movies recently and all follow the same format. The director's own husband has had sports theme in his last 2 movies (Dangal and Chhichhore). But I still gave it a chance. One word I have for this movie is "inept". It is dramatically inept. It never feels like there is some urgency to the story, it never feels like anything is at stake, that there are some real issues. Everything just sort of happens. I knew what was going to happen from the very beginning, but there is still some way to make it interesting, like Dangal and Sultan. This movie feels like the writers never even bothered to make it interesting or giving it some dramatic hook. Add to that none of the performances are good, songs are terribly placed, BGM isn't impactful, and that the sport it's trying to show is not engaging on screen, at least the way it's shown here. I am sorely disappointed and will hope that this movie was just a fluke. But I am not giving it a horrible score because it is just a regular, boring type movie. No flaw really hits you, you just lose interest. I would rather go back and try to watch Uncut Gems then rewatch this movie.

4. John Wick 3 (6/10): I really liked JW2, but waited until I was really in the mood for an action movie to watch JW3. While I liked this one, I just couldn't help but see flaws here that either I didn't notice in the previous 2 movies, or they didn't let me. After an interesting first 30 minutes, filled with really great action and a good continuation of the last one's ending, this movie kind of starts losing the plot. The whole thing about going to the desert and then back to the continental is poor. The movie is just looking for an excuse to show action, of course, but story is not good, and it is noticeable. Other issues are that characters have a clear shot at killing JW but just don't for some reason. It feels like one of those action movies where the villain keeps saying he's going to kill the hero, but doesn't actually do it for some reason. The actions overall is still good and manages to distract from the poor story at places. Another issue was the excuse to have good location to have action. Unlike the first movie, where a shootout takes place in a club and naturally looks cool, here there is a big glass building with fancy visualiser background for some reason. And the ending underwhelmed too. I was kind of hoping that this one would end the series. It feels like the increased focus on worldbuilding and shorter turn around time have hurt this movie. Hopefully now the writers are using extra time to work out a better story.


Still watching 30 Rock, finished with half of the show's total episodes.

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Another thing I disliked was that there is literally only 1 female character in the movie, and she almost gets r-a-p-e-d.//

I think she was R-a-p-e-d.


No her husband reached before that could happen.

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Was a terrible week of movies for me ... Watched all the depressing stuff left right and center ... I always crave feel good movies and shows ... giving this kinda depressing cinema a chance was a mistake .

  • Little women ( 7.5 )

It was a very good movie other than its ending . No villains here which I really liked ... smooth, daylight , characters worth connecting to and feel for ... It was long but worth it ...there were probably just 5 mins of happiness in entire movies ....and if not for a happy ending I would have given it a higher score . Terrible decision to take a u-turn from makers

  • side ways (7)

Everything I wrote above ... Absolutely everything applies here as well ... And this one made me even more depressed , really connected with Paul giamatti's character

  • jo jo rabbit (5)

Again a hugely depressing movie at it's core , comedy was good but theme was too dark for me... Felt bad for JoJo

  • the Witcher (1)

The worst of the worst tv shows has a new rival. Though felt bad for geralt... That poor guy

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I liked ending of Little Women.

Jo Jo I liked a bit better.

The Witcher is straight out shit.


watch fauda its an riveting thriller series

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Not many movies this week:

1) Anjaam Pathira:(Malayalam) [Rating: 6.5/10]This film has gotten a very positive response and hence I thought of giving it a try. The story is set in Kochi, where a serial killer is targeting policemen. Kunjacko Boban in the lead was OK, the role had a lot of potential, but he totally felt out of place in that role. The film started out well with a lot of promise, but the final act felt a bit too cliched. Its a decent watch. Heard this one is going to get remade in B'Wood.

2) In the Tall Grass:(English) [Rating: 5.5/10] I tried out this film due to two reasons, one-being its interesting synopsis, and, second-being Patrick Wilson in the cast. The film started out on a decent note, but once the story started to unfold, it felt like a mess. It is not a boring film per se, you can definitely watch it, but don't expect too much out of it in terms of a compelling story. It's categorized as a horror film, but there was not even a single scene that made me even flinch a bit.

3) The Silence:(English) [Rating: 5/10] Not a big fan of this film.


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness: Drop everything that you're binging right now, and give this one a try. Its a crazy story giving you an inside look on the big cat(tiger) owners in the US, and their deep-rooted hatred with each other leads to a point that they get jumbled up in a murder-for-hire plot. There is not a single character in this series who comes across as redeemable, as far as Main characters go. TIP: Don't read up about the characters or the show itself before watching. It is a limited Netflix series with 7 Episodes.

Movie of the Week: None
Star of the Week: Hands-down, The Tiger King!

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Fair enough.


Oh you replied quickly. Was editing my previous comment with important rant.


What do they have against harmless navel scenes? (headbang)


Yup. You can't even imagine how brutally they've chopped those scenes.

And whoever didn't catch Khaleja in theaters or those instant bad theater prints, till date haven't witnessed couple of songs in their full glory.

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Mardaani 9/10 excellent ... seen last night
One night stand 6/10 normal theme ... seen 10 days ago
**kal ho naa ho 8/10 better ... previous month

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