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Particulars Gross Net Admits ATP
PVR ₹31.72 ₹24.88 1,674,040 ₹189
INOX ₹28.50 ₹22.27 1,590,693 ₹179
Cinepolis ₹14.80 ₹11.61 770,227 ₹192
Carnival ₹16.30 ₹12.83 1,126,387 ₹145
Big 4 ₹91.32 ₹71.59 5,161,347 ₹177
Rest Chains ₹50.80 ₹40.00 4,064,000 ₹125
Single Screens ₹61.74 ₹49.00 8,232,000 ₹75
Total ₹203.86 ₹160.59 17,457,347 ₹117
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Well it was gonna work once only.

Baaghi 2 basically was ridiculous and Baaghi 3 showed that how much industry gets delusioned by one success.

While i don't like both Baaghis, atleast first one had better action and they actually used martial arts, whereas 2nd one had no such thing as proper hand to hand combat.
No wonder it didn't left any traction for sequel.

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Make it on War too, if it burns a little less by now. :)

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why will I be burned by 2cr footfalls film. I just didn't made because I don't have exact admits data post August 2019.


Looked up though.
PICC: 165cr Gross 7.17mn
Rest: 95cr Gross 5.58mn
Single Screens: 88cr Gross 9.25mn admits

Total: 22mn


what is atp of war ? is it highest ever .

Exclusive: Hrithik Roshan's War Footfalls.
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This site is enough to degrade bwood.
Giving all fake datas and trying to convey audience that bwood is much lower than south in bo achievements..

Nobody can accurately provide footfalls data.. These are all assumptions.. And this idiot boi admin has no knowledge about south box-office and says that sahoo had 80 rs average ticket price lol

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Baaghi 2 footfalls is 1,57,45,000...........

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

People given flag for me without any reason. No abusing any person just posted real data which is available on BOI site.

Here people posted data without any link and people enjoyed it. Not closed or reported anyone. Without link data posted is not a good thing but people not report it.



Bhai kuch galat bola ho to flag do to manne main bhi aata hai par bina baat ke falg dena anyaay hai. It's not a good thing.


Flags removed. Unnecessary flags won't be allowed.


Took action and give warning which given unnecessary falgs. Because it's clearly a mis use. By the way thanks for removing flag..

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