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Difference in Standards of Megastar Salman khan and Superstar Akshay kumar

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Here we can clearly feel the difference between a Megastar nd a Star coz BOI has given AVERAGE to Race 3 on 166 cr having 87cr Shares nd 1.58cr Admits while on the other hand Akki kumars Gold which did only 102cr having 49cr Shares with only 78 lacs Admits given an AVERAGE by same BOI now everyone out there can calculate himself Who is Who? Coz on Golds admits Salman khan would b given DISASTER verdict easily nd on the other side of the coin with Race 3 Admits Akki would easily b givsn SUPER HIT tag and that case is very much similar to Amitabh vs Jeetu ji nd Amitabh vs Mithunda in 80s coz both Jeetu ji nd mithunda had more hits than Amitabh but with low intensity but Amitabh had Flop on par their SUPER HITS
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No doubt salman khan reputation is in high ranking. No doubt Akshay kumar also a good actor.
but I think it depends on film like film budget, film story etc.
mostly people not see movies just the name of actors. people seeing every thing in movie,how movie attract the people. when people impressed the movie then auto actor repo increased

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Salman's achieved so much, his low phase is also bigger than many's good phase. Despite being in so called golden phase of his career, Akshay still can't give record opener or hgoty or any other major bo record.

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akki 3 200cr superhits in a row sallu bhai eid christmas sab par laashein bicha raha hai 3 saalon se
bina festivals ke movie release karne ki himmat hi nahi hoti gigastar ki

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Jis duniya main akki salman se bigger hai uss duniya main hai aur yeah duniya mars pe hai


a gutless gigastar who does not even have the courage to come on non holiday baaki actors kam se kam aate to hai pata hai saari stardom dikh jaayegi bina eid ke aur ab to eid cjristmas par bhi bezzati ho rahi bhaijaan ki aur bhai ki acting skills par baat kare kya 30 saal se acting nahi sikh paaye bhaijaan

yaha rone se achcha hai apne bhai ki film dekha karo be theatre me to achcha rahega .


@ intense last 3 movies


fyi, whatever Salman acheived between 2010-2012 alone is enough to surpass whatever Akshay will do in his career.

It is like comparing Kohli with Babar azam tbh.

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You are quite stubborn yr. You are so much obsessed over this ranking thing. I am telling you once again brother Salman Khans stardom is in dying phase so rather enjoy whats left in him. Akki will only go up from here as you can see bigger directors and banners are approaching him so the peak is not the one he is in right now rather its just the starting of it. You know he too had given records opening in past so if he is gonna peak then it will be that. Aur ye mai isliye nahi bolra ki I am a fan of him. You just look at the stats of last few years, you will know that one is going up and one is coming down. Also look at the upcoming projects. One is doing the same thing again and again while one is collaborating with big names. Aur bhai lagbhag ek decade toh rule kiya Salman ne aur kya chahiye tereko. Just enjoy the last phase of his stardom. Everyone knows this......

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)
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It is obvious and not really a hidden truth. Khans are basically at similar level which is higher than Akshay Kumar.

Also not to forget that it also depend on film. A Housefull 4 with 78 lakh admits will be FLOP only.

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But in which universe hf4 will have 164cr budget while Bharat 240cr? In which universe war will have 204cr budget while Dabangg 3 178cr? Budget is also decided by people like us who quote higher for Khans but remain on lower side for other stars but y? Even akki is charging on par hrithik or little higher but difference in their movies budget is quite visible why?


War didn't had Director whose fee is 20cr. It didn't had to spend 15-20cr on Remake and historic footage rights. HR+ Tiger + Vaani remurenation will be par Salman alone or less.


Ok then what about tanhaji nd kesari? Which are historic movies nd were loaded wd high vfx then w was their budget not on higher side? Any specific reason? Even kesari had 122cr collective budget for historic movie and what kinda joke was that by BOI


Have you seen VFX of Kesari? It's low grade pathetic. Anyways, Kesari has only one A-Lister i.e Akshay and director is no one. CoP would be 60cr at max with that pathetic production value.
Tanhaji 175cr is right. Only Ajay and Saif have decent fees.

In budget, the biggest factor is Actor's fee.

2.0 budget was close to 600cr due to 3 big fees. Rajini took 50-60 while Akshay was 40 and Shankar had 60-75cr iirc.

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To whomsoever it may concern ..

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salman akshay se bada star hai per dono movie same scale ki nahi hai, ek ka budget 185 cr hai aur gold ka 107 cr ka. compare radhe aur soorayavansi mai hona chahiye.

salman bada star hai kyuki eske filmo ki opening akki ke filmo se badi hoti hai rest to film ke content per depend karta hai.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)

Yeah there is outside finance involved but also the cost of investing own money. When you are getting a revenue 3 months later, you are losing interest on that.


Humm it means lroducers take loan for decided period but if movie gets delayed in shoots or in release intrest of bank would increase too is that like that?


@Charlie but don't the big stars like salman and aamir take profit shares as their fee? So doesn't it depend on the performance of their films? Or do they fixed remunerations?


Trade put market value as remurenation.

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Everyone knows it of course...........................

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both are big superstars but even if they come together they still could not beat king khan
haha kaisa stardom eid bhi thi yaar uss din bhaijaan ke fans aur king of north ke fans tab koi tha nahi kya?

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Hahahah zero ke time bhi to Xmas tha yr par king Khan 50 lakh footfalls badi mushkil se cross kar paya. Kitna chota star hai yr


haha 50 lakh footfalls is still better than the footfalls off 50% movies of bhaijaan in 00s
vaise 2006 me tumne jaaneman dekhi thi ya don?


Yes Srk Highest Grosser still lesser than many new younger star. Even Vicky kaushal cross srk' highest Grosser.


according to box office expert ajay
arjun kapoor>dilip kumar
sidharth maholotra > dev anand
ayushmann khurana> dharmendra
vicky kaushal> shahrukh khan
kartik aryan>rajesh khanna

bhai kabhi inflation aur adjusted net collections ke baare me padh lena bahut acha lagega