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Particulars Gross Net Admits ATP
PVR ₹68.25 ₹57.96 3,727,508 ₹183
INOX ₹55.02 ₹46.24 3,328,224 ₹165
Cinepolis ₹28.80 ₹24.41 1,424,728 ₹202
Carnival ₹34.98 ₹29.77 2,231,506 ₹157
Big 4 ₹187.05 ₹158.37 10,711,966 ₹175
Rest Chains ₹74.26 ₹63.15 5,941,000 ₹125
Single Screens ₹64.41 ₹54.82 8,588,000 ₹75
Total ₹325.73 ₹276.34 25,240,966 ₹129

That ₹175 ATP in Big 4 is really low. Frankly speaking I was ignorant to Kabir Singh's success so never really bothered about it but today while compiling it's footfalls, it blew my mind. It is the 3rd biggest in term of footfalls in Big 4 while won't even make to Top 10 may be in term of money. The admits in Carnival are 2nd highest of all time just behind Baahubali: The Conclusion.

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What would have been it's total nett if ATP was on pat with a Bhaagi 3 or a Simbaa ?

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That's because the Ticket Prices in even the bigger plexes for KS was very low, ot was priced like a normal Shahid Kapoor movie and we all know how a normal Shahid Kapoor movie used to perform before KS.

Hence the prices were low even at the bigger chains, but to everyone's surprise, the movie took off and became a Super Blockbuster.

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pleas. don't. don't use that word "Super Blockbuster".

Blockbuster is perfectly fine word.


absolutely right!
ticket prices rate not higher, then automatically it not achieve higher business.
now a time shahid not popular in box office.
shahid kapur repo decrease and not in position to make high business.

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Hoping for Jersey to repeat the same miracle.

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