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Particulars Gross Net Admits ATP
PVR ₹97.27 ₹76.29 3,928,140 ₹248
INOX ₹69.65 ₹51.98 3,070,324 ₹227
Cinepolis ₹37.73 ₹29.47 1,639,200 ₹230
Carnival ₹36.33 ₹28.38 1,934,713 ₹188
Big 4 ₹240.98 ₹186.13 10,572,377 ₹228
Other Reported Chains ₹70.85 ₹55.35 3,883,100 ₹182
Rest Chains ₹45.00 ₹35.00 3,000,000 ₹150
Single Screens ₹73.00 ₹58.00 7,684,000 ₹95
Total ₹429.83 ₹334.48 25,139,477 ₹171
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2.51 crs lol
Not even close to RKH other big one's like 3I and PK.

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haha if if if
if the queen had balls she would be the king


Yes I think if Sanju released on Xmas than it beat Bahubali 2 because gigastar Ranbir Kapoor in the film.(rofl)


not bahubali but dangal nett collections gone and thats just the truth


Why not Bahubali ? That's really a sad thing.... Biggest gigastar given 5 disaster in a row before sanju. Still credit goes to Hirani for Sanju.... Disaster king ranbir

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Let's see if Rabir can topple this, he has quite big movies lined up .

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Boi hasn't given any numbers let's see what they give.
Regarding Jat, well he's reliable


yes but they told in a article its close to 3 cr ,
what reliable sidhe 50 l ffs kam kar diye


He's the trade, so if you can't do something and somebody else doing that then don't make fun of it. Box office is his passion, he has solid sources and you garner all your data from boi articles.
He has a ocean of knowledge about box office in front of you , he's saying that because he has numbers and as far as I know he likes ranbir so he won't reduce numbers purposefully.


lol har koi trade analyst bana betha hai ajkal aur BOI ko chhod sab sahi hai apne apne data ke saath :D

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dont post this here
log seh nahi paayenge

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sanju only 2.5 cr ffs ??? its close to 3cr even boi said

ye apna farji data apne hi paas rakh

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

Lol according to this namuna chennai express is 2.82 cr and sanju is 2.52cr ...hahaha..iski satak gai hai

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Hirani should have worked with a star at least if not a big one

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So heartening to see such numbers for promising star of the future.

by Mega Star (226k points)

in grandfather roles?


Ranbir will be the most talented grandfather ever if he decides to play one. I'm sure in that era he will be competing with those kids as well. Abram has competition from evergreen, everyouthful, forever promising star Ranbir


Lol..you believe this shit? He is saying chennai express has 2.82 cr ffs and Sanju just 2.5 hahahaha..how can anybody post such useless baseless data without any proper link


Kiyoki BOI is a fraud have no authenticity and works beside the curtains. So, we needed something which we can trust just by looking at it.

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Ye lo ji ab ye naya self made footfalls aa gaya. Aapne man se kuch bhi de do. Means according to you Sanju footfalls is 2.5 Cr approx and Chennai express footfalls is approx 2.80 Cr. Clearly visible your fake data representation. Soft corner for Srk is clearly visible here.

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