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Particulars Gross Net Admits ATP
PVR ₹26.69 ₹22.43 1,350,570 ₹198
INOX ₹24.85 ₹20.37 1,301,135 ₹191
Cinepolis ₹12.62 ₹10.52 581,931 ₹217
Carnival ₹15.18 ₹12.65 883,446 ₹172
Big 4 ₹79.34 ₹65.96 4,117,082 ₹193
Other Reported Chains ₹29.23 ₹23.96 1,838,300 ₹159
Rest Chains ₹16.66 ₹14.00 1,333,000 ₹125
Single Screens ₹53.00 ₹45.00 7,100,000 ₹75
Total ₹178.23 ₹148.92 14,388,382 ₹124

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South Korea population 50 million footfalls of highest grosing movie 18 million and every year they are giving 15-16 million footfall movies
and we are believed to be a movie crazy nation and yet are not able to produce a 3 crore ff movie a year in a 133 cr nation

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Exclusive: Ranbir Kapoor's Sanju Footfalls.

@mumbo jumbo Jat has provided stats. ATP 20-25, that was the ticket rate during my 11th & 12th std days. That too for Kannada films, non-kannada films stopped being 20-25 back in 1999 itself. Post Titanic, ticket rates were raised all over. But ofcourse theaters mattered too. When English films were mandatorily charged Rs. 45 - Rs. 50 balcony, I got to watch National Treasure:Book of Secrets by paying Rs. 21 for Balcony at Shanthala theater Mysore which owed to not increase the ticket rates for non-kannada films instead kept the same rates for all until 2009. Then even they had to back off & be like the rest.

Now, at a single screen balcony I pay the rates ranging from 110rs to 500rs. Ofcourse 500rs is just me kinda ppl paying otherwise "normal" ones opt to watch the same film by paying 200rs less in a multiplex. All in all, blatant robbery. Even when I travelled to Mumbai twice to watch Salman's films the ticket rates again had a stark difference. TZH had 180rs rate @ Chandan Cinema pre-christmas while Bharat was 150rs in Gaiety Galaxy during EID in 2019.

Adding to Jat's minimum wage, I can never forget the incident during Kick on EID day. The theater had hiked the ticket rates by 10rs as per distributor's demand (notice was put up) & a guy kept pleading at the ticket counter to let his 3 children in without charging that extra amount. Eventually the theater let him in but the whole argument/requesting definitely felt bad. Namaz time so the main audience hadn't come for the morning show. Once my show ended it was chaos because then the black tickets were being sold at 350rs. (For context, the balcony rates there in 2014 was lowest in Mysore at 70rs & they charged 80rs for Kick. In 2018, it was Rs. 100 for Race 3, but you can guess why this 10rs - 20rs hike matters the most to the people there.)


that's not the point what i meant is that india does not have the same cinema going culture it used to be there 98% of the movies i can't even watch with my family and if they continue to make such movies i hope hindi cinema dies a miserable death

plus indian middle class alone is 25 - 30 crore , atleast we have 4-5 , 3/4 cr ff movies every year


Now you're talking about perspective.

You had a Bahubali 2, look at it's footfalls. You still don't reach the optimum because of the business strategy. Be it exhibitors or distributors or filmmakers too are not interested or vested in increasing the footfalls. Period. In the last two decades alone literally no steps have been taken to work on this front.

It is not the kind of movies alone. There is literally no rebate whatsoever. Audience gets ripped off, the exhibitors + distributors get ripped off in the name of entertainment tax. They're all concerned with how much maximum amount/profit they can make off each other that's all. Salman Khan & Ajay Devgn were supposed to buy theater chains especially single screens. Only Ajay went ahead a bit but couldn't expand.

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