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Following Race 3, let's do Zero. Will do few others depending on mood.

Particulars Gross Net Admits ATP
PVR ₹25.68 ₹20.14 1,004,464 ₹256
INOX ₹16.64 ₹12.51 694,761 ₹239
Cinepolis ₹9.33 ₹7.29 376,727 ₹248
Carnival ₹8.68 ₹6.78 442,993 ₹196
Big 4 ₹60.33 ₹46.72 2,518,945 ₹240
Other Reported Chains ₹17.02 ₹13.30 920,885 ₹185
Rest Chains ₹14.72 ₹11.50 930,000 ₹158
Single Screens ₹21.50 ₹17.00 2,200,000 ₹98
Total ₹113.57 ₹88.52 6,569,830 ₹173
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Only 65 lacs?
Jab Harry Met Sejal itself had 55lacs+ footfalls know. Oye ThunderSanki LaundaBird, this is all because you & you alone. You teased Jat with JHMS footfalls & he made this post.


JHMS 1st Week in Big 4 was 41.72cr Gross with 1,829,370 i.e. 228 Approx ATP while Zero was 55.21cr with 2,255,673 i.e. 244 ATP. Assuming Overall ATP also around 93% of Zero, that will be 161 Approx giving 50 lakh footfalls. BOI number seems high.

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Zero?? What is it? Shah Rukh Khan had not done any movie in last few years, he called it quits after his movie Dilwale lost clash to a shitclown's BM in 2015, and he retired after that.

We haven't seen him on big screen since last 5 years. I don't remember any Zero Wero. Must've been one of his shit company RCE production, not sure though.

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Exclusive: Prabhas's Saaho Footfalls.

Friends join hands for flops okay.

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The comeback has to be amazing. An ordinary movie just won't do. SRK is past the point of people giving him a pass for average movie. Hope Hirani is doing something special.

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whateverr.... its one of the very worst movies ever made along with jhandu harry sejal

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I couldn't believe when I saw that film didn't cross even 100 crore..I think srk is still recovering from the shock of its failure...

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Arguably the worst movie of SRK's career.

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Srk decade started with an ambition (excluding MNIK), a dream project which almost failed but was rescued by the Diwali and never seen before hype. It ended with an ambitious project which got him the worse result for him in last 2 decades I guess. I wish he had done more commercial movie like CE.
Still I am hopeful about his return.

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Agree... He could have done more CE HNY Dilwale types commercials and scored Hit superhit and Blockbusters.

But went with FAN ZERO JHMS types which are not for universal appealing films .


The man who ruled 1st decade of the century couldn't find a better script than the movies you mentioned above speaks about the kind of fall he had.

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this had to be the worst movie watching experience for me.

it was just painful to see the movie unfold and to know that a person like me who doesnt know jack shit about movie making, felt that I could make a better movie than this any day

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Bhai sahab mubarak ho Zero ko BOI ne 2 lac ziyada fotfalls diye hain apk estimate se so u got 68 lacs admits for ZERO

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