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Since we are discussing Race 3 footfalls today and I am free too, so I thought why not give some raw data time. First off, we don't track footfalls in India, only money. Any number we saw anywhere is 99% of time just estimation and all estimates come with margin of error. With time the, margin of error has reduced quite considerably but it still exists.

The data is available for Multiplexes and distributor may be getting numbers for circuits as well but that information/tracking is limited. We have roughly 50-95%, generally around 75% gross for which footfall data is available. 

Since we are on same page, following are the footfalls of Race 3.

Particulars Gross Net Admits ATP
PVR ₹33.30 ₹26.11 1,395,649 ₹239
INOX ₹27.11 ₹20.54 1,167,381 ₹232
Cinepolis ₹13.97 ₹10.91 573,489 ₹244
Carnival ₹16.92 ₹13.22 907,293 ₹186
Big 4 ₹91.28 ₹70.78 4,043,812 ₹226
Other Reported Chains ₹33.25 ₹25.98 1,925,521 ₹173
Rest Chains ₹29.00 ₹22.92 2,070,000 ₹140
Single Screens ₹58.00 ₹46.50 6,400,000 ₹91
Total ₹211.53 ₹166.18 14,439,333 ₹146

If you have any genuine issue with numbers, then feel free to ask. If you are just a butt-hurt, just give a down vote and move on.
The numbers for Big 4 Other Reported Chains are actuals while the others are estimated based on the data which is available for other similar films. The above numbers are supposed to be on higher end of in the range of actuals

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what about sanju, bharat, kabir singh, war and tanhaji (approx fig)?

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Huge numbers for such an amateur movie.
Do the same for Bharat, TOH too if possible

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I know BOI manipulate FFs many Time..
Movie Like RACE 3, BHARAT, HF4, GOOD NEWWZ, MM has max. 1.50cr FFs.
Now they will increase Dabangg 3 Footfalls too.

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Exclusive: Shah Rukh Khan's Zero Footfalls.
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In today's time each and every person is a self made critics and share his own calculated data. And most important thing is some people still believe these type of people.

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Yes and some people pretend to be working in BOI but are caught as an idiot just to turn themselves in mindless sheep pretending as know it all while knowing nothing accusing others who know something on same time can make no factual claim whatsoever.


Working in BOI???? Good Joke......(rofl)


Other than the fact that your IPs match, you are the only idiot I have ever seen typing "Distributed Share" when it's Distributor Share.


That just a fun.... Still can't prove BOI is not a best site currently available. So don't post your fake and self calculated fig.


Every body gives these type of information on his own mind.

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