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Star Rankings India March 2020 - Salman Khan Tops Akshay Kumar Steady - BOI

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Salman Khan still remains top in the Box Office India rankings for March but the lead is now 831 points compared to the 1000 points in January. It should get closer as the value of the 100 crore nett weekend films like Tiger Zinda Hai and Race 3 gets less over the next 6 months.

Akshay Kumar remains rock steady in second place while Ranbir Kapoor is third. Shahrukh Khan is way lower than the actual stardom but that is mainly because of films like Jab Harry Met Sejal and Zero which could not open to big numbers and then no releases. It will be 2021 that will see a  Shahrukh Khan release and that should change the situation. The initials of the films above were pretty good in Overseas so there Shahrukh Khan holds a better position.

There could be major changes when films start releasing as it will be cluster of big star films coming when the box office gets going again. The rankings for March are as follows with the the January points in brackets.

 1. Salman Khan: 1718 points (1894)

 2. Akshay Kumar: 887 points (895)

 3. Ranbir Kapoor: 803 points (891)

 4. Tiger Shroff: 634 points (652)

 5. Aamir Khan: 600 points (600)

 6. Ranveer Singh: 598 points (623)

 7. Hrithik Roshan: 540 points (528)

 8. Ajay Devgn: 406 points (301)

 9. Shahrukh Khan: 137 points (171)

 10. Varun Dhawan: -175 points (36)

NOTE - Above is purely by the initial box office performance and the criteria can be see here
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in BOI Update by Producer (118k points)

Time to rename this website as AOI.


Everyone is arguing about akshay,ranbir and hrithik's positions..meanwhile Varun Dhawan: -175 points.

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Salman will continue to top the rankings for this year too. But the biggest joke is HR behind jokers like Tiger, Ranbir etc.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Is Varun's points -175?? Lol..

by Location Scout (3.8k points)
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hahaha they say its based on opening but then we see Akki at second... what a joke

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)

And based on opening,.HR is 7th. Lmaaoooo.


yeah a guy currently holds the record opener of all time is below tiny stars likeakshay, ranbir, tiger (ffs?).


BOI is a joke now. Itni openly kaun favour karta hai bhai.

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Wah re BOI teri apni calculations aur tera apna criteria for every one koi iss se pooche How Salman will get 212 points for Dabangg 3 while akki 210 for Good news? Only 2 points difference how? Here are the numbers for both Dabangg 3 nd Good news nd every one can calculate number points nd the difference between Dabangg 3 nd Good news:

Dabangg 3 weekend 72.4cr while gross is 85.5cr ~
Good News weekend is 64cr while gross is 75.5cr ~
And assuming any threshold values set by BOI the difference between Points of Salman khan nd akki kumar for December will b 100 easily but here ** on payroll of akki BOI has given 212 points to salman for 85.5cr gross while 210 points for 75.5cr gross which shows their credibility now to the core that How desperate this bloody BOI is to put akki ahead of Salman despite knowing the fact that akki can never open above 17cr while Salman is a Star of Openings

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)

Tanveer let sooryavanshi release. BOI will say its the biggest hit of the post corona world. Hence Akshay is no 1. Harminder is waiting to write 20 articles on the same.


Yes even i am forseeing it with the tagline "With sooriyavanshi akshay topples reigning star Salman khan" or tagline would b " Akshay dethrones Salman khan with Sooriyavanshi " Industry gets new numero uno like they got Salman in last decade"


Lol..biggest hit of post corona world..but anyways why do you guys hate him so much? He never matched the level of khans and now he has the best chance..if prithviraj and sooryavanshi become 300 crore grossers then probably boi will place him on top. And with his pace he can easily bring 2 big movies in every year..that's why I think he might have a chance.with salman underperforming and aamir and hr taking 2 years to sign a movie and srk retiring. Also he has the full support of media and already public perception is that he is currently the no.1 star after 4 hits in one year.


Kakarot, nobody hates him. He's clearly being overrated. He will never be no 1 no matter how much BOI projects him as such. The only competition to Salman's pole position for this year is Aamir.

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Shit site BOi..WtF is that actor in no 3 with no any hit in entire decade of his own..shame..And akshay at 2 and hrithik at 7 shows how useless their ranking is..
However I strongly disagree with Srk position..He should have been out from stardom list..

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)

Hardly difference? lol..Pehle maths sik le..And you don't consider those scenarios across country? That is enough to prove Salman is no1 ans srk is out of stardom phase


4 cr diff..woh bhi ek saal baad....with popular franchise with commercial masala potboiler with no1 star while zero was romantic and experimental movie....when D3 was release protest was only in dehli...then how about Baghi3 opening when then there was all india protest...kuchbhi bematlab bolna hai..


Baghi 3 k opening day pe all india protest tha? lol


Lamboder lost the argument when he said there was protest only in Delhi during d3 while for b3 it was whole india when actually it's the vice versa.
I wonder by the daring of this ignorant sometimes.
Are you determined to spew nonsense everytime you argue?

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ranbir 3 per aur srk top 10 main nahi hona chahiye ?

by Casting Director (18.7k points)

kyu bhai? srk se itni nafrat?

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Hopefully Radhe will be bumper opener and ~100 cr weekend grosser

by Producer (113k points)
–1 vote

boi logic
bhai becomes number 1 star after dabbang when all he did the last 4 years was giving flops and poor openings except for wanted and partner
bhai number 1 star in 2020 when he has had no hits in 3 years
lol if someone can explain me this then i will become a salman khan fan

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Update your knowledge,Veer was bumper opener at single screens.


My Name Is Khan - 1,18,961
Three Idiots - 1,17,047

My Name Is Khan - 74,688
Veer - 73,796
Three Idiots - 57,408

Veer - 96,578

My Name Is Khan - 1,93,639 (2 cinemas)
Veer - 1,70,374 (2 cinemas)
Three Idiots - 1,74,455 (2 cinemas)


Novelty Lalbagh
Three Idiots - 1,38,573

Novelty Aliganj
My Name Is Khan - 76,912
Three Idiots - 78,848

My Name Is Khan - 1,09,164
Three Idiots - 98,613
Veer - 1,14,108

Veer - 89,052

My Name Is Khan - 1,03,986

Veer - 95,042

My Name Is Khan - 2,87,856
Three Idiots - 3,58,516
Veer - 73,246

My Name Is Khan - 1,33,310
Three Idiots - 2,50,842
Veer - 49,670

My Name Is Khan - 2,04,552
Three Idiots - 2,50,410
Veer - 1,40,514

My Name Is Khan - 3,52,846
Three Idiots - 4,04,460
Veer - 1,37,572

My Name Is Khan - 12,68,626 (7 cinemas)
Three Idiots - 15,01,414 (6 cinemas)
Veer - 6,99,204 (7 cinemas)


Note: 3Idiot released on national holiday


ye lucknow ka breakdown aur films ka mil sakta hai ?

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