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1. Dad (7/10): I liked this movie because a lot of it felt genuine to me in terms of dealing with a parent who has gotten old. It's a fairly simple story in the beginning that gets a little complex as it goes on. Certain scenes reminded me of how I used to take care of my granddad, which made me quite emotional. Watch this movie if you're looking for a heartfelt family drama. It'll make you sad but it will also make you happy and provide a satisfying experience.

2. Jojo Rabbit (7/10): A serious issue that is treated with a light touch by Taika Waititi (director of Thor: Ragnarok). I enjoyed the message it gave in terms of looking beyond propaganda and seeing things on your own. The performances and the progression of the story are enjoyable and make it seem like almost a hopeful comedy-drama. But the movie does go to a dark side near the end, which creates tonal whiplash. It later goes back to a lighter tone, but the tone is screwed up by then. It was intentional on the director's part, but I had trouble getting back into the movie's zone. Regardless, it is a good watch for the most part.

3. Jawaani Jaaneman (5/10): Time for something more relaxing. I wasn't expecting a great movie, just a fun one. It manages to be that for the most part, but also sort of feels like an episode of Two and a Half Men. It also feels like a movie that just applied concepts to its characters without explaining why. Like why is Saif so against having a family, why does he suddenly start caring for this daughter, etc. Not to mention some of the dialogues and scene feel like they're pretty much taken from Hollywood movies/series, but Saif and the team are not able to do them well. It's not done properly in a desi way, instead feels like an english script translated to Hindi. Despite all that, it is a breezy watch for the most part and the acting is decent too. Just had the potential to be much better.

4. Ratsasan (3/10): I have been hearing for a while that this is one of the best thrillers and unbelievably good, but I was sorely disappointed upon watching it. It is very very long for a thriller and feels like it's written by someone out of touch with reality. Like teenage girls wanting teddy bears as gifts and everyone behaving in the dumbest way possible for the most part. What's ridiculous is that the movie just solves most of the mystery by having the main character go to another police officer who has an entire back story for the villain ready. It felt like watching the part in Bhool Bhulaiyya where the past of Vidya's character is revealed. After chasing the wrong person for most of the movie, the chase for the actual culprit really tests your patience, and it seems like the movie is just not going to end. It also begins abruptly and ends abruptly, like old Hindi movies. Not to mention other issues like the senior cop who is on just one mode throughout the movie, or the villain who's real motive is never explained and does not match the profile of a psycho. It feels like someone watched several Hollywood thrillers about psychos and mixed them up into a subpar script. The good part I guess is that the first half is enjoyable for the most part, and the villain is suitably creepy.

Movie of the week: Dad.

Other: I'm also watching episodes of the sitcom 30 Rock. It's a good one and I have finished 2 seasons till now. It's not top tier like The Office, but feels close enough to Parks and Rec.

Disclaimer: The idea of this post belongs to the user Ankit 007. I am just making this post because he's been inactive for a while. I will try to make a post like this every Saturday.

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Knives Out 8/10
Loved it the whole cast was grest kept me hooked till the very end
Bgm was good too

Parasite 8/10
A must watch it mixes a lot of genres and ofcourse the philosphical themes of the film
Acting was also everyone the director deserves credit although the ending was a bit off for me

Gemini Man 5/10
Average very average Will Smith was well wasted to be very honest

Street Dancer 3D 3/10
Remo just should stick to choreography
The acting well lets just not talk about it
Even dance wise it was a downer

Guilty 5/10
A film which could have been a great one dealing with subjects such as rape and Me too movement is let down by average script and poor direction

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i had the same issues with south movies i heard vikram vedha was epic when i saw i was pretty much average similarly with rangitaranga it was a joke now i dont go with the hype around south movies they are usually bad


28 days later - 7/10
Infernal Affairs - 9/10
Middle School 7/10


Fauda - 10/10 liked more than BB
Homeland - 6.5/10 Average

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yes I also heard a lot of praise for Vikram Vedha. It wasn't bad but not great either. These movies get way too much hype. This is why I'm not going to watch Super Deluxe.


@Mr.Hola take my word for Super Deluxe its a great film do watch it not overhyped or anything


@SSk: alright bro, trusting you on this. I will be watching the movie soon, let's see how it goes.

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Saheb biwi aur gulaam - 8 / 10

kagaz ke phool - 8.5 / 10

fear of walking dead - 7 /10

bhokal - 6/10

asur - 7/ 10

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  1. Before Trilogy: It's beautiful crafted story of 2 attractive people over 2 decades travelling through Europe. Basically it's peek at 3 days in a couple's life going through different stages of life & relationship. Must watch. 7/10.
  2. Ex Machina: Slow works only in the end. 4/10
  3. The Gentlemen: A really fun film with good amount of thrill and humor. A lineant 8/10.
  4. The Man From UNCLE: Watched it after The Gentlemen, had plenty of Guy Ritchie this week, its fun and likable characters. Would have loved the sequels but sadly it was a flop. 7/10
  5. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Continuing the Guy Ritchie films, "Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels", the original film behind "Phir Hera Pheri". Knowing that it was predictable but still need to appreciate the story and it feels better too. 8/10.
  6. Snatch: Another fun flick from Guy Ritchie. Now there's a problem though. All the Ritchie's films have similar style which start feeling repetitive. A linenat 8/10
  7. Ik Sandhu Hunda Si: Nothing works. 1/10
  8. Jawani Jaaneman: Okayish stuff. Not as good as 'De De De Pyaar De' though. 4/10
  9. Superman: Red Son: What if Superman landed in USSR. Started off well but in the end up as anti-communist propoganda. 4/10.
  10. Togo: A dog person will appreciate it much more, anyhow good watch. 6/10.
  11. The Girl with Dragon Tattoo: Take some time but good. A lineant 7/10
  12. Manchester by the Sea: Raw and engaging. 7/10
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of Black Pearl: Rewatch. One of the best Disney live action film and its great how big an IP they built on that. Hoping for Hemsworth to do justice in reboot. 8/10

Movie of the Period: Snatch and The Gentlemen

TV Series

  1. Better Call Saul: S05E08: One of those episodes, nothing big happens but you won't mind it.
  2. How I Met Your Mother S7-S9: So finished HIMYM after 3 years of starting it. Took me a while like Ted told it and I also rushed the final season like Ted in story but you man. I ** hate Robin. Anyhow, I didn't hate the end, as was the response to the show originally but gosh I loved Tracy and wish she had more time. FuckK you writers.
    First they force aka strech Barney-Robin track & then pee it over twice. Barney got a good closure in the end though.
    Still mad as fucKk tho. Why assholes why. Why kill Tracy. I remember how much I loved Robin-Ted in first three seasons but its
    ** not good. Overall 8/10.


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Parasite: 3.5/5
Knives out: 4/5

Special ops: Man, what a snore fest this. Waste of time and talent.


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bhai watch fauda and Hatufim , two excellent Israeli thriller dramas , also the spy is good

fauda - 9.5
hatufim 9
spy 7.5


Will do @Mumbo Jumbo. Have heard great things about the spy

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Here's my list,

  1. Jawaani Jaaneman [2020] = 4/10 [Mediocre at best. The whole Tabu angle just didn't work out one bit. Even the whole selling the house plot was way too predictable. Probably a subtle screenplay would have worked much better. Kudos to Kubra Sait's character as well as performance.]
  2. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal [2020 - Tamil] = 5/10 [A lenient extra one for Dulquer Salmaan. Otherwise the way Gautam Menon's DCP Prathap character is terribly wasted in the second half, this one's just another YRF-esque mediocre heist film which just gives up second half after a very effective interval block. Performances by the main lead makes it a smooth watch despite the glaring shortcomings in the screenplay.]
  3. Mayabazar 2016 [2020 - Kannada] = 6/10 [Fun entertainer backed by good performances. The film did get good reviews but nationwide theater shutdown hit it's business pretty bad. The whole fake raid scenes are done well without apeing Special 26. From the first scene, the film remains unique. Liked the final twist & Prakash Raj in his comic elements is just sheer fun. Achyutha Kumar getting a serious + emotional character was icing on the cake.
  4. Ayyappanum Koshiyum [2020 - Malayalam] = 8/10 [Simply loved this film. First time in theater was awesome, re-watched it with parents & they enjoyed it too without complaining having to watch it with English subtitles.]
  5. Love Mocktail [2020 - Kannada] = NR [previous post I had rated it. Anyways re-watched it with parents.]
  6. Muthu [1995 - Tamil] = NR [No point rating this film again & again. Lockdown courtesy to re-watch it on tv. Rajini factor is never gonna get boring.]
  7. Naa Ninna Mareyalaare [1976 - Kannada] = 8/10 [Rating it coz the last I rated this movie in this particular post was way back in 2016 I suppose. Dr. Rajkumar's classic never gets old. Plus it's among his most celebrated romantic films of all time. With my dad actually was present at the shooting spot back then during film's climax, it has become a ritual to watch this film while he provides his commentary during the entire bike chase scenes in the movie's climax.]
  8. Halli Haida [1978 - Kannada] = 3/10 [I actually thought I had watched all the films where Veteran Pranaya Raja Srinath & Manjula had paired up. I was wrong as I had seriously no idea of this film's existence. Lockdown courtesy caught this one on tv. Really predictable, this did tested my patience & I can vouch this film has not aged well at all.]
  9. Batman Begins [2005] = NR [ofcourse lockdown courtesy.]
  10. 1917 [2020] = NR [Rated it in previous post. Re-watched it with parents.]
  11. The Expendables [2010] = NR [Lockdown curse. It is indeed a curse to watch this heavily censored crappy version of Star Movies.]
  12. The Expendables 3 [2014] = NR [Lockdown courtesy. Well rewatching the screening on Star Movies wasn't that bad in terms of censorship but the movie itself is pretty bad so the number of re-watches hasn't really changed anything.]
  13. Bajrangi Bhaijaan [2015] = NR [Oh yes. Lockdown or not, Star Gold will make sure you watch it anyways.]
  14. Sarileru Neekevvaru [2020 - Telugu] = 4/10 [Lenient rating otherwise I hated the last 30 odd mins. Re-watched it with parents, they weren't impressed.]

Movie(s) of the Week = obvious.. way too obvious.
Bajrangi Bhaijaan, 1917, Ayyappanum Koshiyum, Naa Ninna Mareyalaare, Batman Begins, Muthu, Mayabazar 2016 & Love Mocktail.

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I still can't believe how SLN collected that much Pure Mahesh stamina plus Holiday period


so you watch TV?


I am currently back in Mysore at parents home. This wfh is truly screwing me on weekdays so resorting to tv. Internet is screwed up here so really zero patience to tolerate such low speed.

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  1. The Host:(Korean) [Rating: 7/10] Directed by Bong Joon Ho, this monster film is well balanced with witty humor, 'horror', family dynamics, and the Korean status quo. The VFX on the film is decent for a 2006 film and it felt slacking at places considering the 2020 standards. (duh)
  2. The Drug King: (Korean) [Rating: 6/10] A film starring Kang-ho Song, TDK is a real-life story based on a 'Pablo Escobar' Esque drug king in South Korea. The film is long in duration however the film is very well-paced so you wouldn't mind the length.
  3. Okja:(English/Korean) (Rewatch) [Rating: 7/10] A very sweet film by Bong Joon Ho, and this is my second time watching it. The film has a very strong message attached to it, and the climax scene is sure to jerk some tears off of even the ones with Nokia 3310 for a Heart.
  4. The Interview (2008): (English) (Rewatch) [Rating: 7.5/10] This is a must-watch for the performance of the leads, and for its original plot. This is one of those movies that you feel like watching again, to spot things you might have missed out on in your first viewing.
  5. Fracture: (English) (Rewatch) [Rating: 7.5/10] Anthony Hopkins owns this film with his role as a man who is on trial for 'attempt to murder'. Never have I ever wanted to see a man get punched on screen this bad, Hopkins is on point with his role as 'Crawford'. Ryan Gosling plays the role of the public prosecutor on the verge of landing his dream job, but he has to win this one last case. Must watch for Hopkin's performance!
  6. Shimmer Lake: (English) [Rating: 7.5/10] This one was an interesting watch. SL is a bank heist story told on reverse chronologically-day by day through a week, kinda like Memento, and is very well executed in that regard. The film is very well-paced, and editing is just perfect.
  7. Taking Lives: (English) [Rating: 5/10] Missed opportunity is what I'd say about this film as it lost its way in the second half, but the plot was interesting albeit predictable. The film basically steered itself away from the scary interesting serial killer dynamic to adding a jumbled romantic angle to the whole plot—spoiling the mood as a result, for me. Maybe the director just wanted Angelina Jolie to flash her goods in the movie so he wrote in some BS. The film is not too long but it felt like watching a 3-hour film.
  8. The Chase: (Korean) [Rating: 6/10] It is a decent thriller and is a one time watch. The film was a bit too long for my liking considering what was on offer. The performance from the lead actor was on point.
  9. Side Effects: (English) (Rewatch) [Rating: 6.5/10] It is a suspenseful thriller with great performances from the cast. The film's pacing is snail-like, but if you can get through the whole thing, you'll not be disappointed with what is unfolded at the end.
  10. Nightcrawler: (English) (Rewatch) [Rating: 8.5/10] This one is class. It is unsettling to the core, yet you want to stay glued to the screen to see what is being told on the screen. Jake Gyllenhaal's performance in the film is a must-watch for aspiring actors out there to learn and assess as to how you 'OWN' a role. He deserved an Oscar for this one IMO.
  11. Escape from Alcatraz: (English) (Rewatch) [Rating: 7.5/10] The film is based on a real-life story of 4 prisoners trying to break out of 'Alcatraz'-a highly guarded prison in the US. You will have to watch the film to see if they succeeded or not.
  12. 1922: (English) [Rating: 6.5/10] A horror film based on Stephen King's novel. This one is more like a family drama with deeply unsettling horror attached to it. It is completed different from what you expect when you're gearing up to watch a 'Horror' film. The pacing of the film is 'meh' for my liking, but it wasn't that bad as I was able to complete it at one go.

Movie of the Week: Nightcrawler

Docu-Series/TV-Series I've watched:

  1. The Confession Tapes: 6.5/10
  2. Captive: 7/10
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