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Rewind 1993 - Shahrukh Khan v Akshay Kumar Clash

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The first clash between a Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar starrer happened in 1993 as Maya Memsaab clashed with Waqt Hamara Hai (which was actually a multistarrer as Sunil Shetty was a mini star at that time also).



At the time of release neither Akshay Kumar or Shahrukh Khan were stars as Mohra (which made Akshay Kumar a star) was a year away and Baazigar (which made a Shahrukh Khan a star was a few months away). Both were mini stars at the time of this clash as Akshay Kumar had two successful films with Saugandh (interiors) and Khiladi (Mumbai) while Shahrukh Khan had made an entry with Deewana which was a huge HIT but he was not the main lead.



Waqt Hamara Hai was always going to win here as it can be called a film while Maya Memsaab was an NFDC type film which was never cinema though they were not as bad as the European cinema which we have see quite often over the last decade or so as the budgets were low while this European cinema has been made on huge costs though the audience is only as much as the NFDC cinema.



There was a third angle to the clash with a film called Badi Bahen which starred Raj Babbar and Meenakshi Shesadri and this film managed to score over Maya Memsaab also. The final results were that Waqt Hamara Hai and Badi Bahen were AVERAGE fares while Maya Memsaab FLOPPED. The initial figures of the film were as follows and it the clash was on 2nd July 1993



Day One

Badi Bahen - 6,50,000 (35 screens)

Maya Memsaab - 4,00,000 (25 screens)

Waqt Hamara Hai - 25,00,000 (110 screens)



First Weekend

Badi Bahen - 19,00,000

Maya Memsaab - 13,50,000

Waqt Hamara Hai - 66,00,000



First Week

Badi Bahen - 32,00,000

Maya Memsaab - 23,00,000

Waqt Hamara Hai - 1,07,00,000
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6 Answers

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What's the point of this article?? Just to take the name "European Cinema"??

by Location Scout (3.8k points)
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There's nothing like clash then,I never read in any newspaper or film mags discussing it.

by Producer (113k points)
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Was an NDFC movie which was not cinema though not as bad as European cinema. Hahahahahaaa. BOI and their agendas. A better combination than Ranbir and acting.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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king of bollywood vs king of chandi chowk
kuch toh izzat karo king ki boi

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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So BOI has proven it yet again that they are pro akki kumar by Rewinding clash Waqt Hamara Hai vs Maya Mem saab but here intresting thing is that Both were mini stars nd srk fans always claim deewana is srk starrer but here BOI clearly said he was not in Lead

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)

Tanveer wait karo. Sooryavanshi ke release time pe BOI kitne articles likhega


Yes woh toh pta hai bhai sabki aur idhar saughandh ko b success bol diya jo pure flop thi


deewana is srk starrer but here BOI clearly said he was not in Lead

ek taraf BOI ki baat man raha hai, dusri taraf gali de rahe ho....waise to srk owned deewana despite second lead....aise bahot kam hota hai.....and according to Boi salman became superstar after dabaang but u fans always claims bhai was superstar since biwi ho to aisi

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Well it's better article than telling us how Baaghi 3 has done something. It's good to read about old films but I won't really consider these clashes.

Dictionary meaning of clash is "confrontation", when the two films didn't confronted at any level, where is the clash?
The films in 90s didn't fought for screens in first place. The release size were under
500 screens and there were 8000 screens across Hindi markets to release the film. The clashes become a thing post 2006 or even 2010 as release sizes went over 1500 screens and available screens were 3500-4000, out of which everyone fight for best screens.
Back then, a 5 theaters in a city could have screen 5 different films because it wouldn't make sense to invest 1 lakh plus for more than one print for a city.

Now that the above is clear, Maya Memsaab releasing on 25 prints means basically 700 shows in 1st week or lower. 23 lakhs Nett basically means 40 lakhs Gross or 3 lakh footfalls. That's about 400 people per show. Nice.

by Super-star (194k points)
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Yeah tera analysis HAKHK vs vijaypath k liye kahan jata hai?


When did I ever bother about HAHK & Vijay path.

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