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That ripped shirtless body , that opening guitar riff and the way he said,"I love you all" had made so many fans among girls and "Doston na koi" the handsome Salman officially made bodybuilding popular not only in the industry but throughout India.

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well he used to look so good back then
now just seems bloated

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jawani ke din the...............

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Must have been an incredible experience. One brother directing and the other 2 acting. Even making small skits with friends is such a good experience.

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It was so good here that it easily went out of hand in their second venture i.e. Hello Brother.

MPK rehash aside, Sohail Khan went on to make this film's release day much more memorable by eloping & marrying Seema.

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Salman looks wise was at his best then. The shirtless song o jaane jaana was a rage back then. Around the same time period I felt he looked absolutely amazing in jab pyaar kisi se hota hai.

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this movie had so many funny scenes we used to love in childhood.. that bg music for the gayy guy

During engg days we had put that as the ringtone for our friend who we used to jokingly refer as GAYYYY :D whenevr he'd call us, that ringtone would play. That was gold

Hope i dont hurt any sentiments

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According to me this movie made Salman superstar, not MPK not HAHK.

Before this there was nothing unique about Salman, after this Salman was know as a hero with best physique in bollywood who was not shy of removing shirt on the big screen.

For SRK it was DDLJ. Most reomatic hero.

Aamir build his stardom on based of multiple movies, starting from Raja Hindustani till Lagaan. A star who can deliver good movie in any genre.

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