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It would have because of its hype and all its recourses that are there like Ajay Devgn in an extended cameo. Anyway, this film will likely come on Eid or maybe June. I may watch it depending on my mood or whatever I'll be doing that day or weekend. With this coronavirus, I don't even want to go out even after the lockdown ends because I have no clue if things will get better in the UK when this film releases.

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I have decided to cut off the number of movies I watch in theaters, let's see how much I cut off.
Radhe may come in October now, most awaited for me.
Gully boy dialogue writer has worked in Radhe, Dialogues in Dabangg was a big downer.

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October? That's too late man. Where did you get that news?


Will that be a surprise if it doesn't come on Eid? Radhe still has 6 or 7 days left of shooting and post-production work. Anyway, cinemas may reopen in India after April where Sooryavanshi being the first film to show on May or June. In UK, I won't be watching any film in cinema because this lockdown may last till Sept or Oct. Only Maidaan if it releases.


Nikeel, if all goes well, Sooryavanshi might come on Eid


No Eid release this year that's for sure, Sooryavanshi will come in June.

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It's a massive loss for all. Now whenever theatres reopen, lots of clashes shall happen.

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It will face huge loss when Theater opens. Get ready for Global economic meltdown.

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feeling bad for one man indusry akki
his millions of fans across india and the world are in mourning

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