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Source Link: https://ahmedabadmirror.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/salman-retreats-to-panvel-farm/articleshow/74817372.cms
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All the stars need to stay safe. And Suhas bhai, Stay Safe brother. Dear all forum members Stay Home, Stay Safe. We need to defeat this pandemic. God bless us all.

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i hope he keeps permanent distance from movies for the sake of mental health of the audience

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Simple hai tu mat dekh...waise vi teri mental health pehlese bigrahuwa dikhta hai (dance)

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agar megastar ko kuch bhi hua toh pure india me dange karwadunga mai
my warning to the govt
keep our national treasure safe

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Agar tujhe kuch huwa toh pure world pe dange karwadunga mai..You are an living example of pysotic patient escaped from psychotic cell..we need you as an example for other to prevent from being...(ninja)

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That is a wise thing to do. But unfortunately common people cant enjoy such luxuries.

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A forced but well deserved off work, wishing him a great time with his family

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chalo isi bahane aaram kr lenge bhai :)

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