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Which movie will have highest collective budget Radhe,SV,PRC,LSC or KFG2 by BOI?

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My Bet is 100% on Radhe coz now a days BOI is working on an Agenda against Salman khan thats y his movies budget nd Verdicts are totally messed by BOI. So here is my take on Collective budgets of above mentioned movies

RADHE   220 cr +

Sooriyavanshi  180 cr

Prithvi Raaj Chauhaan 180cr

Laal singh chadda 200 cr

KFG 2  200cr

Note: i am cent percent sure that Sooriyavanshi nd PRC wont have higher budgets than Radhe by BOI coz higher budgets can not get u Super Hit verdicts thats y his movies will have max budget limits upto 180cr nd that completely  my analysis now plz share your honest views keeping BOI in mind nd their honesty these days
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Knowing BOI, Radhe will have it. BOI are not exactly Salman fans now. They almost wanted to call Akshay no 1, since they couldn't so they proclaimed that Akshay was the top star of 2019.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Bharat ki 240cr thi toh sure radhe ki 300 hogi..likh k lelo

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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Just to break to you. Bharat is a FLOP like Raees, Dilwale and Jai Ho.

BOI has given it SEMI HIT being lenient. Trade verdict is FLOP only.

by Super-star (194k points)

Just break to u Srk has given only one clean Hit last decade nd that is Rohit shetty's CE else all other r super flops by your logic so sastay trade expert dont be so smart


Agar bharat flop hai toh desi analyst tere retired actor ka last decade ki sare k sare film double disaster hai except may be deepika ki chennai express


When did I claim otherwise. Of course HNY is last HIT of SRK just like TZH is last HIT of Salman.


Lol.HNY last hit!! saram kar desi analyst..It was disaster..

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Radhe budget might go up to 300+ seeing the trend from the last 2/3 years

by Producer (113k points)
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2cr se jyada ka ff do 100% hit. super hit ya BB verdict milegi.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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Because Salman Khan takes 200 crore and then 20/30 cr is used for production.

by Location Scout (3.8k points)
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lol chote stars ka chota budget
go and check the budgets of zero and brahamstra and come back

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Zero srk ko zero dikhanay k liye jo laal mirchi ki technology use hui woh bohat costly thi isliye uska budget toh utna bnta hi hai


Chalo, fine if someone compares SRK and Salman, the former has earned stardom to command that comparison.

But to compare a PR made wannabe with a megastar needs weed of the highest quality. If we spend 100cr on casting you Jordan, still no one is gonna come and see you act.

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250cr plus

185cr plus

185 cr plus

165 cr plus

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)

Pta b hai akki ki movies ka budget boi kabhi b real nahi deta nahi toh Hf4 flop hoti

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Radhe -

Production Cost - 90 Cr (Beacuse Movie Shoot In Record Time For Last Many Salman Khan Film's And Movie Is Just 2 Hrs Run Time So Cost Of Production Is Also Not A Big One)

Print And advertisement - 25 Cr

Salman Khan Market Value - 85 Cr

Total Budget - 200 Cr

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

It's your emotional things which attatched with Salman But COP not changed.


Ok hf 4 164cr nd Dabangg 3 178cr kesari 128cr while Simbha year ago had 140cr plus budget plz explain all this


Dabangg 3 -

Cop - 80 Cr
P & A - 20 Cr
Salman Khan Remunaration - 78 Cr
Total - 178 Cr

Housefull 4 -

Cop - 100 Cr
P & A - 20 Cr
Akshay Remunaration - 44 Cr
Total - 164 Cr

Kesari -

Cop - 70 Cr
P & A - 20 Cr
Akshay - 38 Cr
Total - 128 Cr


Bhai yeah imaginary explanation mujay b ati hai kesri 70cr aur dabangg 80cr its totally childish sach yeah hai boi is behind Salman having an agenda

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