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I am asking that question to clear the air coz these days many fans claiming Salman is no more no.1 coz he has given series of underperformers and those underperformers are even bigger grosser than the so called Hits of a star who is said to be ahead of Salman at the moment. But here question is Was Amitabh number 1 star in 80s? coz he had given HGOTYs nd many bigg grossers nd bumper to excellent openers but he had given many flops nd underperformers too. And on the other hand Jatinder had given way more hits than Amitabh in 80s even his Blockbusters were small grossers than the underperformers of amitabh then nd he given only good to average openings which is the biggest parameter to measure the biggest star out of these two. And here we all know Amitabh was the undisputed no.1 in 80s despite few hits in 80s as compare to Jatinder while his Flops were on par wd Super hits of Jatinder. Same is the case with Salman khan vs akki kumar we admit recent Salman khan movies underperforming but still his opening prowess nd his movies final total is no less than a Super hit movies of akki nd in openings Salman has no competition at all from akki only aamir khan has that power to open that big on par Salman. Now decide yourself with cool nd logically who is number 1 between Amitab vs Jatinder and Salman vs akki.
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No its spell as jatinder and jeetendra as weel too so i go head wd jatinder


Original name would be Jatinder only.

Hindi names mess up our names. Dharminder ko Dharamender and Davinder ko Divendera.


On screen name was Jeetendra.. pronounced as Jeetender probably in the north. Elsewhere it was only pronounced as Jeetendra just like Dharmendra.


That's what I said. Original name would be Jatinder/Dharminder. Bombay changed it.

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Back then, Big B was no 1. In today's time, Salman is still no 1. Only Aamir can displace him at present.

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Yes totally agree wd u even i said only aamir can match him coz he has given many big grossers nd big openers too but akki can never match these records, he can only give more hits than Khans that too smaller hits and that smaller hits will b on par flops of Khans (Salman nd aamir) nd opening wise akki is even behind tiger leave aside Salman and Aamir


Akshay is a big star, he needs to be respected for what he is achieving. But he is at notch less than Jeetendra too.

The only factor which can bring Salman down is Salman himself. Movies like kabhi Eid kabhi diwali, that movie with Aayush sharma do not inspire confidence. He has the star power to stay on top for another 5 years, only if provided he can make the right choices.

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Good joke...................

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Somewhere in comments you mentioned you are happy but here you don't seem like happy to me. Come on man kitna pressure lega aur. The more you will rant today harder it will be for you to recover when Radhe will release.

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isme dimag ladane ki kya zaroorat ha1.....see below

solo opener of salman

bumper - 0

excellent- judwa, pktdk, baghi, hello brother

solo opener of srk

bumper - koyla, DTPH, Duplcate

Excellent - bazigar, ramjane, anjam, chahat, dilse, KKHH, badshah, army

multistarrer opener of salman

Bumper - saajan, jeet, biwi.no.1, karan arjun....except biwi no1 where he get 60% credit and in remaining movie it is opposite.

bandhan, HSSS

multistarrer opener of srk

Deewana, karan arjun, darr, trimurti where he get 60% or ever more credit


year wise
1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, was ahead, in 1996, 1999 srk was ahead as a solo starrer...

ab tu prove kar data ke saath salman ko

sunny deol 2 solo bumper opener ghayal, narsimha i.e in 1990, 1991...baki sab multi starrer thi...


Prove how Salman ranked 8 despite highest number of hits.
Boi itself said among khans salman was 2nd after SRK then how did you rank him below Aamir.
Sanjay was finished, Akshay was never bankable till 2005,Sunil for what?
I accept sunny was bigger.
But you are just blabbering nonsense and are you are sure Trimurti despite 3 big stars presence 60% credit goes to SRK?
Salman was easily among top3 box office wise along with Sunny and SRK.
And among top5 stardom wise along with Sunny, govinda, SRK, amitabh


Again the double standard of Salman fans exposed. They will try to mould facts according to their wish. Salman Khan can't even cross 1cr footfalls on Christmas and they talk about how Radhe will be a BB. Akki se compare mat karo BHAI ko because Akki on average crosses 3cr foofalls every year with much lesser investment than what Bhai movies will have per year. So keep your shit to you only and you talked about Radhe getting a solo release then yes it is possible. You know why? Because Megastar have again plead to Akki just like he did for shifting Sooryavanshi.


Prove how Salman ranked 8 despite highest number of hits.
its not me, it was my reply to some salman fans who use different criteria on different time...still box office wise 90s successful stars are

  1. srk - 2 ATBB, 4 BB, 2 super hits, 3 hits and 6 ave/semi hit....in terms of magnitude of success he was cut above salman, sunny and govinda (and most important is he got most credit for all his successful movies) and that too in 8 years only

  2. Govinda 1 ATBB, 0 BB, 4 shuper hits, 6 hits, 7 ave/semihit movies.....except except Hum he got maximum credit for all his successful movies..

  3. Sunny Deol - 1 ATBB, 2 BB, 3 hits, 3-4 ave/semihits.....(except darr he got credit for every successful movies)

  4. Salman khan - 1 ATBB, 3 BB, 4 superhits, 4 hits and 2-3 av/semihits

Stardom wise (solo opener bumper/excellent)

Koyla, bazigar, dilse, dtph, kkhh, badshah, ramjaane, anjaam, chahat, army, DDLJ (8 years)

ghayal, nasimha, ziddi, ghatak, zor, ajay

AKA, khuda gawah, Akayla, mritudata

Sanjay Dutt
Sadak, Adharm, Fateh, daag, aatish, yalgar, thanedar, Gumrah,

rajababu, collie no1, hero no1, anadi. no.1, khuddar, Gambler

Jigar, Vijaypath, Hindustan ki kasam, diljale, jaan

Sunil shetty
anth, krishna, bhai, rakshak, gopi kishaan

KKK, SBK,Elan, Pandav

Dil, RH, baazi, Ghulam, mann

Salman -
baghi, PKTDK, Hello brother, judwa

Multistarrer big opener


Darr, trimurti, karan arjun, deewana

Hum, insaniyat, BMCM, HKK

Vishwatma, lootere, darr, khatriya, border, jeet. insaniyat

Sunjay dutt
Sajan, khalnayk, khatriya, andolan

BMCM, AAnkhe, Hum, HMJ, DM, andolan

HSSS, Bno1, Karan arjun, jeet

Trimurti despite 3 big stars presence 60% credit goes to SRK?
except kishan kanhyya, beta, benaam badshah for anil and izzat for jackey thease actor have not given bumper or excellent opener as a solo in 90s....by the time of trimurti release these actors stardom has almost faded ...

whatever Boi said it is based on points..if u take srk's point 8 x 850 which is 6800.....while sunny's average 725 per year point will put him top because his point will be considered for 10 years while srk points will will be considered for 8 year or may be 7 years..this is y boi said overall sunny ruled even salman, sanjay, govinda will come above srk based on those 2 years difference in point...but reality is different..that is only for boi and its followers but world knows, industry knows actual thing...this is similar situaltion with big B in 70s

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I feel in the 80s naseeruddin shah was the top star.. as he had a few big hits and some of the greatest films in Bollywood

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Bhai bada sahi sarcasm karte ho aap. (wasntme)

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Joginder was biggest star of 80s..watch his 7 beejliya, hukumat etc

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I wish number of hits make an actor number 1 so that Salman Khan will be number 1 in the 90s

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It was Amitabh Bachchan but Jeetendra gave a tough competition to him when Sridevi was in his films.

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Dilip Kumar is Biggest Star of 80s.
3 HGOTY >>> Highest By Any Actor in 80s
Only Record Matter.

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