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The one who guesses all will get nothing. Come on this is the easiest one so no extra bonus. 

Correct Answer -

Shriya Saran

Trisha Krishnan

Ileana D'Cruz

Kajal Aggarwal

Tamannaah Bhatia

Hansika Motwani

Anushka Shetty

Samantha Akkineni


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Mahn this jujubi give me tougher one.


Please do it for bollywood actress.

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Not in any order ..
Samantha, Tamannah, Kajal, Anushka, Shruti, Pooja, Ileana, Shreya & Hansika ..

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1st row - Shriya Saran, Trisha Krishnan, Ilean D'Cruz
2nd row - Kajal Aggarwal, Tamannaah Bhatia, Hansika Motwani
3rd row - Anushka Shetty, Samantha Akkineni, Nayanthara


No Shruti too ..
And only Shreya, Ileana & Tamannah's positions were right .. (facepalm)


You can check it in the description now.


Yeah & now its looks so easy ..

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All are South Indian actresses taken from South Indian movie songs.

Mostly, or maybe all from Tamil or Telugu cinema.

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See this is exactly why no bonus was kept for this post.

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ye kamarrrrrrrr kahi dekhi hui hai.......

1st row 3rd ileana, 3rd row 1st Tamanna

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You are in my mortal enemy list for wrongly predicting 3rd row 1st. That's the one guess you aren't supposed to go wrong with ever. Nobody should.


oh is anushka with ravi teja...I guess it is baladur..


Okay. You're off the list for now.
But since you wrongly predicted it as Baladoor, you need to be careful. It is from Lakshyam. The one photoshoot which made Gopichand to be on the eternal hate list of many Sweety fans.

The same photoshoot where this happened.

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No idea. Haven't observed the navels of South actresses so closely. :D

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