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Balayya & Tabu

Balayya & Simran

Balayya & Isha Chawla

Balayya & Parvathi Melton

Balayya & Radhika Apte + Trisha Krishnan

Balayya & Katrina Kaif 
(Don't worry, not sharing the ones with them both together)

Balayya & Anushka Shetty

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Yep huge respect to Ravi chandran sir.


@Irdwhelp Such iconic songs should not be missed.

Btw Ravimama was clever. He had another gem of a song from the same film filled with enough kisses that one could never miss watching it with family.

One of my memory of watching Malla in theater was to count the number of times he kisses her on the lips. The record is terrifically intact till date.

Btw, even now at a Sunday 6pm show, Udaya TV ensures the much of Karnataka people watch these two songs with the entire family,


Btw Crazy Star too deserves a solo post in the same category ...


Forum isn't ready for that yet.

Only with Balayya they tend to laugh more. Ravimama's work isn't to laugh at. That's pure art & that much eroticism currently is too much for the forum.

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I hate seeing balayya and anushka's song, that was unbearable for me.
Heroines are used in their glamorous best in his movies.

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this world is cruel... these girls need guys who can do justice to them.. and what they get is this.... :(

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The 2nd last looks inspired from MPK ... Anushka's exposure to P0tat0 ..

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Wow..How come I never knew about this handsome actor? His chemistry with the actresses is probably the best I have ever seen. Please recommend some of his good movies. I've no doubt he's a good actor.

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He is a good actor in the hands of able directors. Jokes aside, he does have few Industry Hits (all time grossers unlike the non-Bahubali ones now).

There are many good films of his, if you overlook the usual trolling material ones. Among the first to do a time travel film in the early 90s itself. Just that, the Balayya of 90s went full extreme in 2000's & this is exactly who we see till date.

Sadly the older gems don't really have English subtitles. Even then will recommend Aditya 369 (time travel one), Bhairava Dweepam.

Much recent ones despite their cheesiness you can watch Simha & Legend. Ofcourse it will give you the extreme Balayya version. Double act, multiple heroines, extreme violence, massy one lines & full entertainment. Meant to say, this particular formula worked only for these two blockbusters, rest all films ended up as troll material.


Yes sadly I have missed a lot of good non Hindi films due to lack of English subtitles. Anyways thanks..

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Jayyyye Balayyaaa.

Those two gifs, pouring oil on sweety dollinh thighs and kissing simran saree navel are my fav along with many.

Mahn where are those Laya massage gifs & raai laxmi rain dance gifs

I wish balayya make a movie with kajal with lots of gifs worth stuff.

Once again. Jai balayya

by Executive Producer (68.1k points)

You need not ask,

Since you mentioned Kajal,

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