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To be honest, I personally hated the Telugu original for it's misogynistic approach. I was even more miffed at the end when the film is credited to an actual person who actually committed suicide. I don't think that's a character worth not overhyping. He had everything yet chose to take the extreme step over a cheating girl. Anyhoo, the film however, takes a different approach & no such "suicide" is shown. It's as filmy as it could get. 

To speak positively, RX 100 was raw & rustic. The bold scenes (for Telugu standards), unnecessary smooches again & again, may have pleased the front benchers, yet did gave the film it's authentic look. More than the hero, it is the heroine's character that gets to shine. Cinematography was top notch. So hope, the Hindi remake serves justice in this department. When it comes to "bold" scenes, they've already marketed the Hindi remake to be much bolder. If only a couple having sex in public places, shores of a river over & over again in a lengthy montage is the mark to surpass then Hindi remake doesn't really have much of a challenge. 



Plus I expect the Neha Dhupia meme to come back alive at the time of this film's release. It will be fun to see the fragile ego of weak men get hurt again. 

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Btw, I found this video. It says that this film may face possible controversy maybe a bigger one than Kabir Singh.


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I can't go into detail about RX100 because only seen some of it. To be honest, I don't think the Hindi version will be that violent nor will they rely on bold scenes. There's a lot of changes that have been made to this film to give it pan Indian appeal. Therefore, Ahan's character will not be violent like the previous actor although he will be portrayed as an obsessive lover. Script will be different as well so avoid comparisons to the Telugu version

I'm not sure if this will get an A-certificate because that was part of the reason why Sajid refused to produce Kabir Singh and gave the rights away. I hope they make this film very massy with action and Ahan is shown as a tough guy and of course a lover. When I watched the original, I felt the character wasn't shown as macho and he did get beaten up in many scenes by the baddies.

Milian is a good director and Sajid knows he has a pressure on hand to launch a star kid whom he once worked with Anna who was a newbie that time. If this movie connects with the audience then Ahan will become a star. Obviously this remake requires talent and Ahan will pull it off.

Due to my soft corner for Suniel Shetty as one of my favourites, I hope I can end up liking Ahan and become a supporter. I can't get into these youngsters and I tired Tiger but his acting is just ugh whatever although he's a star.

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Ahan will add to a list of incompetent star kids. If Tiger can be in movies, so can be this guy.

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@Intense it's okay mahn. It took a global pandemic for you to confess.




Suneil Shetty is a fair guy and understands about nepotism because he was an outsider himself before his children were born in the 90s. He said if Ahan Shetty fails then he will struggle like most starkids so you expect him to just lie or make lame excuses? Some starkids may not be perfect in their debut but Ahan may just perform well in this film. Why did Sajid choose this remake? He knew this would be the perfect launchpad for Ahan knowing that he will fit the role. Anyways, if Ahan perfects gets praised or not then it wouldn't make any difference because you will still criticise him. I'll keep my fingers cross because this film is directed by Milian Luthria who's given many good movies with Ajay Devgn.


Nikeel, I respect Anna. But as I said, most fathers would say the same thing. He's gonna add to a long list of failed kids including Zayed, Fardeen, Jaccky, Ranbir etc.

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Agree with you, RX100 was a misogynistic movie , hindi audience is also like hyderabad audience. It'll satisfy male ego, it can emerge sucess if ahan acts well.
But I found neha's statement wrong at many level , you can't resort to violence no matter what but what she exactly said in that episode was pathetic, person cheated upon is not at mistake, she blamed the victim for his GF, who was cheating with 5 guys, she said it was his mistake that's why she made 5 bfs, it's her choice you have no right to slap her (Agree with the slap part though).
But I would like to say cheating is not a choice preserved in Constitution for women, she could have simply broken up with that guy, it was the girl at fault but she abused the guy so she was definitely wrong there. Cheating is also a type of emotional abuse.

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Bro the problem is last season also a contestant said the same kind of things but she was a girl. I think she was even selected for the journey. when she told that she slapped her boyfriend then none of the judges told her anything. And now she is blaming the guy. I agree slapping is not right but it should for both girls or boys. all the judges in Roadies are hypocrites


Yes she was even seen smirking and the judges even asked her how did you felt after you slapped them?
Right now they are playing victims, violence on any gender isn't right, there shouldn't be selective outrage.
More pathetic thing is that in one season Ranvijay asked a guy to slap a girl.
They are hypocrites of highest order, can't believe people still watch that shit show.

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