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Veeram has been remade twice now. 

Veeram [2014 - Tamil original]



Katamarayudu [2017 - Telugu remake]



Odeya [2019 - Kannada remake]



Who do you want to play the four younger brothers to Megastar?

  1. Aayush Sharma
  2. Zaheer Iqbal
  3. Sooraj Pancholi
  4. Asim Riaz
Mentioning the above 4 as they're the ones being named. 
Pooja Hegde to reprise Tamannaah's role,
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As a movie I never liked Veeram, it was just too routine somehow managed hit business.
Both the remakes were disasters despite the presence of top star of their respective industries.
Now as they have swapped the scripts I'm not too impressed by this development.
Anyway they are making many changes for Pan India audience, Hindu-Muslim harmony angle which wasn't there in original.
So hope they make it a better movie than the original.
As for brothers, rumors are rife that there are 3 younger brothers of Salman so maybe Aayush, Sooraj, Asim will play those roles and incase there's another brother zaheer may bag that role.
Anyway a good entertaining movie with out cheap humor of H4 is all I expect.

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Why the hell they want to remake a movie whose other 2 remakes were disasters .. Katamaryudu & Odeya ..


Dusron ka career banane ke chakkar men Salman apne career ki laga raha hai. He's wasting his potential on movies like these. This has the potential to be another race 3.


Salman wasn't supposed to this movie, this was last minute idea, Salman has agreed for this, let's see how this one fares, personally I don't like the original hit veeram. Akki was supposed to do it.
As Salman is there it's safe to presume he'll bring all his proteges.

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Not a good choice by Salman at this stage.. If at all remake was something he was going with, he should have picked up a better one strike the box-office right from the go.. Coming to Veeram, it was a decent movie overall working in parts.. But still the names I'm looking at playing the roles of brothers, this will diminish the impact of the entire movie considering the siblings bonding was the spine of the movie.. Hope the changes being made comes out in favor if the movie now..

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I haven't seen Veeram but this movie anyways isn't good news for Saman fans. Hindu Muslim unity, four incompetent unemployed guys......I dunno how will this fare.

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