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Baaghi 3 Second Weekend Business - BOI

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Baaghi 3 saw a huge drop in collections in the second weekend as the Corona Virus scare has led to cinemas shutting down. The film collected 2.25 crore nett on Friday but collections went down over the weekend though Sunday managed to hold despite the closure of cinemas in some states on Sunday. The film would have done a 20 crore nett week if everything was normal which would have put in line for HIT status with a 115 crore nett plus finish but now that is just a dream.



The film did still managed to collect well in UP and Gujarat over the weekend and it had a 20 lakh nett plus number in bihar on Saturday which was good but cinemas shut there on Saturday. The closure in Gujarat / Saurashtra will hit bad on Monday and collections could fall below 50 lakh nett. The collections of Baaghi 3 till date are as follows.



Week One - 86,73,00,000



Friday - 2,25,00,000 apprx



Saturday - 1,75,00,000 apprx



Sunday - 1,75,00,000 apprx



Second Weekend - 5,75,00,000 apprx



TOTAL - 92,48,00,000 apprx

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In future BOI will attribute Corona Outbreak to the Overall business of Baaghi 3, instead of just for the second week when the theatres started to shut. I hope I'm wrong, but knowing BOI, the chances of that not happening are extremely slim.

Feel very bad for Angrezi Medium though. I hope the makers can gather some funds and re-release it post-corona, considering the majorly positive critical reception.

by Assistant Director (55.9k points)
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Zin, BOI will come up with an article saying Baaghi 3 did 95cr lifetime due to Corona virus. The real value collections are 135cr plus which reaffirms Tiger as a dependable mass superstar.


I can totally see that happening.



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I feel sorry for BOI. Their dream of seeing a hit status for Baaghi 3 is shattered.

by Mega Star (225k points)

@intense firstly I don't think nothing wrong in this article so unnecessary bashing is not acceptable.

@Anon in today's time each and every person is more knowledgeable than BOI and given his own verdict according to his suitable choice. You say baaghi 3 loss 15 Cr dis. How you know that? If you know that more than BOI than Open your own site. We follow than.


Acceptable or not acceptable is one's opinion Ajay. Secondly the kind of disgusting commentary BOI resort to is clearly not justified. They are only qualified to tell and discuss box office numbers of a movie. Not discuss quality of a movie. They're not qualified for that. And I still don't understand why do you get angry if someone bashes BOI?


@ajay Baaghi 3 was sold by NGE to fox so it's obvious they will not sell it in less than COP and COP will be atleast 60cr for a big movie like baaghi 3 so it is safe to assume that they sold it at 70cr considering baaghi 2 was Blockbuster. The business baaghi 3 would have done was 115cr max that means 55cr share, hence 15cr loss

I don't have resources like them but I sure am less biased than them and can proudly say that I don't promote pathetic cinema like baaghi 3 and degrade good cinema like gully boy like them


Ajay wont get it. For him BOI is gospel truth and their commentary is 100% correct.

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So near yet so far to 100 cr

by Producer (113k points)

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