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"Safety guidelines, as issued by the WHO will be followed on the
film's set"

Basic Guidelines to follow by WHO:

  1. Wash your hands frequently
    Easy to do.

  2. Maintain social distancing
    On a film set, don't think that's going to happen.

  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth
    Doable, but a bit difficult. Makeup, hours of shoot, a bit difficult to do.

  4. Practice respiratory hygiene
    Nobody is doing that shiz

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I'm very sorry but can we upload images straight from file browser? or have I been an idiot all this time for not knowing that we can?


I can add that option, but I'll have to use an external plugin to do it, and it will be a little complicated to use for y'all as a result. Let me see what can be done. I can't have people upload directly to our server, it will be full in no time.

For now, you can follow these steps

Image types:

1) Image found on the Internet.
2) Locally saved on your device.


1. Image found on the Internet. [Easy]

Step 1: Get the "Image URL" for the picture that you want to post. You'd need the direct link, which always ends with image format at the end, for eg: .jpg, .png etc.

Step 2: You can directly post the URL/link in the Description box, comment box or answer box and it will embed properly. But in the case of questions, you can get better control over the images that you post, like adjusting size, aligning it to a certain side etc, and it can be done using the following method.

Step 3:(Optional) Click on the marked Icon in editor as shown in the screenshot HERE.

Step 4:(Optional) A small pop up box will open up, as displayed HERE. Paste your Image URL, and also you can add a lot of customization to the same image using the options in the same pop up box.

2. Image Locally saved on your device.

Step 1: You'd need a free image hosting site for uploading your image and to get a public URL for it. We've been using Post IMG for the same in the forum, although the link expires after a certain time, its still reliable and above all - it is free. (So, I'll guide you on how to use Post IMG)

Step 2: Upload your image using the upload option in POST IMG, as shown in the Screenshot Here.

Step 3: You'll get the Direct link instantly for the uploaded image once it refreshes. Copy the direct link from the reloaded page, as shown HERE.

Now, follow Step 2,3 & 4 mentioned above for how-to on "Image found on the Internet".


boy thats a long write up.. thanks for the answer

and yeah.. i'd love the direct upload but the reasoning is plausible enough... thanks man


Copy pasted from an old post lol. Tg the old images seems to work still lol

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I hope corona is controlled soon.

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Now the question is will the movie even come on Eid? If the current situation goes on, it could get postponed

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