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Official Statement: SOORYAVANSHI is indefinitely postponed. No new release date announced.

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Good decision. This should now have a snow-balling effect on other films lined up to release and should be postponed collectively. Kerala, Jammu, and Delhi already have taken measures to shut the theatres, the rest of the states are expected to follow, sooner or later.

No point in continuing with the same release dates, no matter how lucrative it is. It's not even a surety at this point that films will do well with the existing virus outbreak. It is better to postpone until we have a clearer picture of the prevailing situation in terms of the virus outbreak, rather than reacting on a time-to-time/case-by-case basis.

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They were monitoring Baaghi 3 performance post Holi. The bigger fall & ofcourse theater shut down in Delhi pushed them to this decision.

The film is too big to have a vague release. Understandable.

If the film was taking April 10th date of 83 then it was one thing. This indefinite postpone means major reshuffling will happen to Bollywood calendar. Sooryavanshi might even look for an EID release. All the biggies will have to make the shift. I don't see any Hindi film getting postponed like Fast & Furious for over an year or even 6-7 months like the 007.

But do feel bad for Angrezi Medium though.


At the moment it's difficult to say films will be pushed ahead for a year or to even say it won't. The scale of the situation/outbreak will be clearer in the next few weeks, then they can assess if Eid is a possible window for release. Until then we can all sit tight and see how the situation develops.

Except for Kerala, no State/UT in the country has the required readiness to tackle the outbreak, and despite that, they have seen mishaps with the latest incident involving the Italian family.

I personally feel there should be nationwide closure of Theatres, and ban on public gatherings of all kinds until there is a solid understanding of the situation.


Yes indeed. It's the basic action set in place that is the need of the hour. Understandable people being hesitant in revealing their travels or even their health scare but govt needs to take more precautions & explain the need for the same. Just like the Kerala minister, rather than scaring the people, make them understand the necessity of it.

I still don't understand why offices are not willing to assign work from home yet. Including my company. The most my company did was to handout one use & throw face mask for the sake of it. Later when more cases in Bengaluru got confirmed, they put up a board on the restroom door saying "please use your foot to push open the door". What about opening the door from inside nobody said.


Ahaha. You'll have to train to hold the urge to pass brother. No choice now.

Workplaces will come around for sure, it will take a bit more time, but they will. Corporates are a tough nut to crack, they won't easily give in unless it's a last-ditch option or Govt has put out a directive on them to do so. Yet still. I have seen people on twitter based in Bengaluru, saying they have been asked to work from home.

Have they started to use a thermal gun or anything yet, to check the temps before you enter the workplace? Here in Delhi, I have seen companies doing that.

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Good decision. It could be May or June before the movie comes out now.

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After 31st they will announce a new release date.

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)
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august 15 ko release ho sakti hai

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Are you kidding me? Ajay Devgn's movie Bhuj: Pride of India releases on that day and clashes with John Abraham. Besides, Akshay has had enough EDX releases as it is.