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Wishing for a movie better than Wanted

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Now he should do sher khan and release it on 2nd october

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I hope whatever has been wrapped up is worth the wait.

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You know whats gonna happen as its Deva again.........


Hoping if deva and Salman have analyzed what went wrong with D3.


If they would have analysed then this would have shelved by now. They started it even before knowing the response to D3. They announced it because they thought D3 is a BB in making and Radhe is going to repeat the same but now when D3 is a flop they wrapped up Radhe within 2½ months after D3 released. So, this show no second thought over what they are doing and what the final outcome will be. It will take the biggest of miracle to turn Radhe into a better movie than D3. Deep down we all know this even the die hard MEGASTAR's Bhai fan.

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