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Pathaan hit another milestone over the weekend as it became the first film in history to hit the 100 crore nett mark in Delhi / UP and collections may well close over the 110 crore nett mark. The film has done extraordinary all over the circuit be it the biggest multiplexes or the small single screens in UP.

The final numbers may see an underperformance in other mass pockets like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat but UP is outstanding and its a long time since a film has done this well in UP. The film has scored over KGF 2 in this mass pocket.

UP has huge potential as business in the state has not kept up with other states over the last 30-40 years as its behind in infrastructure but there are so many centres which need good multiplexes and collections could go 5-6 times higher for the centre. But for this to even start happening there has to be enough content also to cater to the state. The majority of Hindi films cater to the NCR area rather than the heavily populated UP state.

The Top Ten films of All Time in Delhi / UP are as follows.

1. Pathaan - 103 crore approx

2. Bahubali - The Conclusion - 98.64 crore

3. KGF 2 - 85.16 crore

4. Dangal - 80.22 crore

5. Tiger Zinda Hai - 74.73 crore

6. Sanju - 73.77 crore

7. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - 70.61 crore

8. Padmaavat - 68.22 crore

9. PK - 66.23 crore

10.Kabir Singh - 66.21 crore
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Isn't it surprising that it's performing better then even Salman's movie in UP region. A decent movie with Stardom of SRK is enough to pull the audience in High end multiplexes, thats common in all the circuits across Indian for Pathaan. A front loaded action film performing better at Plexes in big cities then Single Screens of Small cities, Its something which can only happen for a SRK starter. Masses have never embraced SRK like they did in Pathaan.Though I still believe that a Big Star in full fledged action film will always be embraced by masses.Masses are more loyal to the 'Genre' then 'Actors'

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When was last time SRK did something like this though..... Don was more of thriller side, this is his first out and out action movie since forever and there's more to come with Jawan, Atlee will do Mass better than Sid.
His true potential was never unleashed except for Chennai express in last decade.With Dilwale they had opportunity but it was ruined as it was said that that SRK made changes in script. Still collections in Mass centres were much better then Bajirao.
SRK changed nothing, it was all Rohit who got carried away by SRK Kajol pair.
I feel like Its only SRk who took his stardom lightly...
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Good to be back, missed the Forum. But this forum has been curse for srk fans. Don't what what's gonna happen now. Better to close this Before jawan

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Hehe, but let's worry about that afterwords, as of now it's time to celebrate Pathaan.
@zin do the needful in June.
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This is extraordinary for an action movie. And Jawaan and Dunki still to come. Looks like SRK's year.

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