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I was watching 'Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya' the other day with a friend when we noticed something, a case of 'Corpsing' involving Alia Bhatt. Corpsing is British theatrical slang for unintentionally laughing during a non-humorous role that is intended to be played "straight". (RefWe all must have seen 'Corpsing' in one medium or the other in the Entertainment industry. Sometimes it is blatant, and sometimes it is very subtle, as in this case. 

The scene involves Vaidehi (Alia) and Badri (Varun) being surrounded by a gang of goons, and Badri (Varun) punches one of them and asks Vaidehi (Alia) to run. The next shot(obviously not a continuing shot) shows the goon falling as a result of the punch, and falls right in front of Alia(Vaidehi) who breaks her character and laughs for a good second or two while running. 

Video: Link (Just the tripping part and Alia's Corpsing) 
Prime: The film is available to stream on Prime videos, and the scene is at 1 Hour 33rd Minute Mark if you want to check it yourself. 
Images: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

I'm not sure why she laughed(only Alia can tell), whether the way the goon fell felt funny to her or someone from the goons/Varun passed a comment during the scene. Either way, I'm not sure why Director would let it be in the final cut? 

I guess(cheeky) the scene was shot in the night, 

1) maybe they had been shooting the scene for a long time, were fatigued, and didn't want to go through the whole scene again, or,
2) they had time restrictions for the location, 

and considering how minor the error was, the director was like, fudge it, no one is going to freezeframe the scene and make a post out of it, so imma let it slide. 

Question: Put yourself in the shoes of the Director, will you be the kind of a director, who would let something as minor as this pass into the final cut, or will you re-shoot the entire thing and scold Alia making her question everything in her life up to that point(:por something else

PS: Someone breaking a character even for a second in a scene is a huge deal-breaker for me, I just can't take the film seriously from that point, I don't know why maybe I'm wired that way. It is a huge downer for me. Is it the same with you guys, or are you okay to ignore it and move on with the film? 

PPS: This may seem way too petty to make a post out of it, I'm just bored, don't slay me, please.

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Actors breaking character bugs me to the core. Sometimes the entire scenes are written that way. It is here where I get infuriated.

There are many instances of actors breaking characters, even in tv shows. Prime example would be that of Friends. But then you are in love with the actors that you accept even that as "cute" or "hilarious".

Anyway in movies most of the corpsing do not usually make it to the final cut.

Btw 3 Idiots hospital scene, Sharman Joshi is seen laughing.. now you know why.

Original scene

How cleverly they made that work by adding the funny dialogue of Aamir offering Madhavan to amarry Sharman's sister.

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You are so right, Friends is so notorious in that regard, most sitcoms are anyways.

Thank you so much for the 3 Idiot one, wtf was that entire behind the scenes lol. Like you said it is so brilliantly masked with humor that no one would have ever known its corpsing without context from the BTS.


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Better take him to court, Sanal (rofl)

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To be honest 95% viewers won't even notice that but then there are 5% people like you and me who well notices these little things coming to your question even i hate it when anybody breaks character so if i was the director i would have shot it again for sure won't scold alia though :p but yeah shot it again

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Lol imagine me doing a movie with SRK or Salman and they just keep changing the scenes and i am there like yeah ok cool and in the end the result is disaster and their fans go beserk on me (rofl)


I can totally imagine that lol, at least with SRK for sure. Red Chillies team will be with you all the time and be like, 'Sir, aapko ni lagta SRK would look better in abs in that funeral scene'?


Even with Salman i would be like Sir kuch tagdi supporting cast lete hain Salman yeah sure Daisy ko phone lgao booby ko bhi bula lo :|



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Great post. Yeah even i did not notice this before, no i would not allow this if I were the director of the movie. I would have shot it again and anyways it would have been my pleasure capturing Alia's expressions again. (h)

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pleasure capturing Alia's expressions again

Lol, That's a good excuse to get the maximum extracted from the Actor. And so cheesy (rofl)

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for a Badrinath ki Dulhania, in a night scene, on far right of frame. yeah I will allow it as long as the small laughter, in such case, didn't affected the rest scene.

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Fair enough. Is this your first directorial, or you have been into movies for a long time and have been dishing out releases one after the other for years? (hypothetical ofc)

didn't affected the rest scene

Vaidehi was under attack, possibly life under threat for her beau, she chooses to laugh at that moment. I think she has Mental issues, or she paid those goons to kill Badri.



thing is I didn't realise this till today, its been what 6 years since film released, so...


Oh, I thought you were replying as the Director of the film, my bad

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which is why i say 90% bollywood directors are amateur .... and many of these take direction as a hobby , its a different case in hollywood though. there the studio is the main thing...and sometimes huge chunk of the movie is shot without even a director.... like action for example

anyways this thing happens to all of them...even the great christopher nolan slips now and then.... for reference watch the roof fight scene of batman and catwoman against bane goons .... in fact i'll share that wait....

and there are many other scenes in this films as well. if you look into the details

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Yeah, I have seen this. There is this channel called 'Corridor Crew' on Youtube where they have featured this. But this is more like bad stunt direction than Corpsing, no?

Not saying Hollywood films are immune to it.

sometimes huge chunk of the movie is shot without even a director.

That's a good point. In Bollywood also sometimes in Dance & Action sequences, Director let the respective department's director/choreographer take over the scene completely.

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I never appreciate this. Unless it is intentional, the character break is huge turn off for me.

Though I don't watch bolly movies anymore unless it is from Khans or my friends take me forcefully.

I suggest you watch Bojack Horseman (if you haven't already). That show is filled with intricate details and the characters (even the ones which are not central to the scene) have been given those personality traits.

One cinematic piece where I let the character break slide is the show Seinfeld. Where in the lead actor Jerry Seinfeld continuously and infamously breaks character by giving away those smiles and laughs. He's even made fun of by others that he can't act (him being a comedian and everything).

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No, I haven't seen Bojack Horsemen, is it worth it?

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