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Guess the movie, ready to swap release date to post IPL Friday. [poll]

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Laxmmi Bomb
Coolie No.1
Haathi Mere Saathi
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New Expected Release Date -

Sooryavanshi - 10 April

Radhe - 22 May

83 - 5 Jun

Laxmi Bomb - 15 August

  • No Movie Harm Each Other Business And Release Dates Also Perfect But Bollywood Want Clash And Ruined His Potential Business.
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15th August is already crowded na.


Laxmi Bomb on Aug 15th? Are you kidding me? Akshay has had enough movies on Independence Day and this time he won't strike again.

Ajay Devgn & John Abraham will clash. It's Bhuj: Pride of India vs Attacker and these two won't postpone their films.

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83 and coolie no 1 ain't biggies. Could be LB imo.

by Mega Star (225k points)

It is because of you people, the youth of this country aren't getting encouraged enough.

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Lagta hai Megastar Bhai ki request maan liya Akki ne.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

Well Salman requesting a fellow actor / director / producer hasn't happened in 3 decades, irrespective of Salman's position in the industry. So that "requesting" thing isn't happening as long as he is part of the industry.

Sooryavanshi if gets postponed, at max it will take 83's release date of April 10th. It is definitely not postponing till May. And April 10th release is in no way affect Laxmmi Bomb's release. Akki won't mind releasing his movie with 2-3 weeks gap also.


No, there will be two movies one on 1st of May and the other on the 29th. Even Himesh's recent tweet says it.

My feeling it maybe 83 (1st) and Laxmmi Bomb (29th) on May, respectively. Impossible to think that its Sooryanashi hence no film on 10th April and will stick to its original release.


I just realised Coolie No.1 is coming on May so that will be postponed to 29th and 83 will replace it. There's no way Laxmmi Bomb and Sooryavanshi will come on the same and it's impossible to think that one them they get postponed.


It's 83 & Sooryavanshi. If Sooryavanshi moves to April 10th, then 83 will shift to either May 1st or May 29th.

If it moves to May 1st then Coolie No. 1 will not come on that date. And with IPL I doubt Coolie No.1 will even stick to 1st May release. Varun Dhawan needs this one to be a Hit.

83 & Sooryavanshi has same producers. Only they get to shift dates with each other, just saying.

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Hope it's not Sooryavanshi because that's what some are saying other social platforms. I may be planning to see this film and I don't want to be disappointed if it gets postponed.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)

If Sooryavanshi postpones then it won't get postponed till May.

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83 and Sooryvanshi the panic has set in it would be interesting to see which film sticks to its date and which not btw Baaghi 3's performance had nothing to do with corona TBH

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)