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Gigastar In Single Screen Craze Is Unmatchable.........

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As far as opening is considered, there will be no war, it will be more like a one-sided drubbing. Everyone here knows Lifetime numbers mean jack shit as far as a clash between the leads is considered. Lifetime figures will more reflect the war between the quality of the writing department of both projects.

Unless the promos of Radhe comes across as unbearable, there is no way LB posting a bigger number than the former on the OD.

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Hey zin, good to see you answer here mate. Akshay fans wont like your answer. :D


Felt like being active again as a user.

And, Akshay fans here never liked me, for no reason, since forever.

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Why will they only show lb in single screens when there's an action film starring salman at the same day? Lol..but if lb really gets ahead of radhe then there will be war. And already the public perception is that akshay gave 4 blockbusters in 2019 and bharat and dabaang 3 were disasters

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radhe will win and that is not an indication on the stardom of either bhai or akshay
thats just how genres work

but on the other hand if it was sooryavanshi vs radhe
i know where i would be putting my bets on

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breaking news, War 2 to star Salman and Akshay.

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Popcorns for you, for me, for everyone! (rofl)


After War 2 settles, would like to see them in Dhoom 4 & something like this to be the official poster.

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ab aayega maza(muscle)

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Just make a good movie. Radhe as of now looks much better than D3, opening round will go to SK, can't say about lifetime.

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