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When Aamir Khan Appeared as an Uncredited Extra in a Sunny Deol Film.

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In the film, if you don't blink, you can spot Aamir Khan as an uncredited extra in a comical scene, featuring Rajeev and Rati. Playing a passenger in the bus, Aamir is seen in the corner and is mostly recognisable by his trademark smile.

Source Link: https://www.latestly.com/entertainment/bollywood/when-aamir-khan-appeared-as-an-uncredited-extra-in-a-sunny-deol-film-1574322.html
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Wow!!..Good to know...for my knowledge....
Bcos i thought "Damini' was the only film!!!!!

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Aamir Khan as an uncredited extra in a Sunny Deol film - More like Aamir Khan had he done Darr instead of SRK.

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