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Kubbra Sait calls out Bollywood's Aamir Khan for speaking on the coronavirus while remaining silent on Delhi riots.

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Actress Kubbra Sait called out Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan for voicing his concern for people in China during the coronavirus outbreak but remaining silent over riots in Delhi, closer to his home.

Sait earlier worked in Dubai before relocating to Mumbai to pursue her Bollywood career.

“And how exactly deep is your love and concern for India,” tweeted Sait, with the hashtag #AamirKhan. Her sardonic tweet quoted a tweet by the Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong who was thanking Aamir Khan for his emotionally-charged video asking the people of China to be safe.

The ambassador gave a shout out to Khan for his friendship overtures towards China. Khan’s films, including ‘Three Idiots’, were very successful at the box-office in China.

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ofcourse his fanbase is majorly affected by the virus so he would speak on that
his fanbase in beijing> his fan base in india

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Aamir fan base in Beijing is more than Akshay worldwide including India lol...

Akshays highest is equal to Aamirs disaster

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Lol the left is just as facist as the right atleast right comes out in open about it the left is even worse

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

Above remark from Kubbra shows nothing as such!


mera bhai yehi reaction tha Above remark from Kubbra shows nothing as such!


@Suhas once again he speaked when all of this was starting none of these so called lovers of the country showed up to stand for him then
It is his democratic right to speak or not
Who the hell is she to ask about his love for the country what is the diff b/w her and bjp then bcoz they do the same as well
**** left and right both wings

0 got meant in terms of asking for patriotism that sense you are right

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