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Many Countries Already Closed Theatres Due To Corona Virus Outbreak And For Precaution.

If Indian Govt. Also Follow Same Step And Closed Theatres 1-2 Months Than It Will Heavily Affected Bollywood Movies Business.

Let's See What Happen Next..........

* I Will Pray Each And Every Person Safe And We Defeat This Virus.....
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I've heard a couple of cases have been reported in Delhi. Abroad situation is much more worse. Nothing to panic as of now since the count here is way way less than what is happening overseas.

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Irdwhelp, it takes around 4 to 5 days. Symptoms show up as normal cough and cold, fever etc. That's why it is so tough to control. We've had more than 60 cases in the UK already. And there is no vaccine or cure as of now.


cure nahi hai per immune system strong hoga to ye easily thik ho jayega , giloe ka goli aata hai morning evening 2-2 tablet lete raho bhai log aur garam paani piyo sab thik rahega.


Yeah and people have been advised to avoid crowded places. Movie theaters etc. Cough aur cold se bachna best hai.


Yes its just a normal viral fever except you have some weak immunity or are already a victim of any other disease.
@Intense incubation period is estimated as 2 weeks by WHO which means it can take that much of time to show any symptoms after getting in contact with virus. So, taking precautions in advance is the first and foremost thing we all can do. Movies wagera toh aati hi rahengi.

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corona ka case jyada hoga per ese detect kewal metro cities main hi kar sakte hai rest places per pata bhi nahi chalega corona hai ya koe flu.

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India mein ek baar felna suru kar gaya fir ni rukta ye. Itlay jesa developed nation nahi bach payabtoh India ke pass toh proper resources bhi nahi hai isse bachne ke

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many technical events have been cancelled such as Google IO, MWC due to this issue.

I think movies should be postponed a bit as we can't really blame movie makers for trying to earn as much as they can. But again pura schedule bigad jayega bollywood ka

I just hope this issue is solved ASAP and we're back to normalcy.

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