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Sharing the full video songs in the right sequence as they appear in the movie. Gotta give my brain a task. 

1. I Found Love


2. Party Chale On 


3. Heeriye


4. Selfish


5. Allah Duhai Hai [2:39 check out Bhai's stunt filled dance steps. You're welcome]


6. Saansein Hui Dhuan Dhuan [Best composition in the album, appears as bit song throughout the movie]


Without googling, list the songs from the film sung by Iulia Vantur. 

And if you're watching the songs for the first time, make sure you answer the post. 

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Only Heeriye is good. Still remember summer 2018. Every morning I would make my favorite breakfast, play Heeriye on loop, and search #zero on twitter.

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Secomd worst album of Salmar starrer after Jai Ho.

Actually in terms of lyrics and singing, they might be worse, but Jai Ho songs were just so insignificant and unmemorable.

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