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TOP superstar rejects another's film causing friction in friendship.

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The much talked about friendship between these two top super stars has turned sour as they wage a cold and silent war against each other. The macho super star and the romantic super star have enjoyed an on-off friendship over the years. And their fights have been as publicised as their public patch-ups. While the two actors love to hate and love with equal strength, and their dosti was a high point in Bollywood, things turned sour all because of a relative of one of the super stars – someone whom he loves to promote even at the cost of his career.

The macho super star loves launching actors and actresses who don’t possess much talent and then promoting them when their careers are almost over. Few people from Bollywood want to cast them in their movies but they hang out with the macho super star hoping they will cast them in one of his or his buddy’s movies. One of his kith and kin wants to make it big ever since he entered Bollywood and he is extremely close to the male super star. His debut was a flop but the macho super star kept persisting and is even backing him in a few movies because he feels the newbie actor is talented.

Till the macho super star got hold of the remake rights of a regional movie which was a blockbuster. He felt the main protagonist’s role was the perfect launchpad for his kin (never mind if the kin has been launched and re-launched many times) as had wanted the romantic super star to play the cop in a remake because he wants to re-launch his own kin.

Now the macho super star has a big and generous heart and he expects everyone to have the same. The minute he required the remake rights he sent the director over to his BFF, the romantic super star (after calling and fixing up a meeting) to give a narration. He was keen that the romantic super star play one of the supporting roles in the remake. The role wasn’t big but the macho super star thought he would get support from his good friend as he is like a brother.

The romantic super star, who is currently taking it easy in his career and not in a rush to sign movies, heard out the director patiently. He is extremely fond of the macho super star but nobody wants to take unnecessary risks in their career. He turned it down gently and told the director that he couldn’t do the movie as he didn't like how the script and his role had shaped up. Right now, he does not want to do a supporting role as he’s already done a few cameos because of his friendship with other Bollywood people.

The rejection came at a cost. It's caused some friction between the two super stars who are not on talking terms anymore. But it’s time the macho super star realised that you cannot take your buddies for granted to make the career of your friends and family. He should focus on his own roles and movies instead. At the rate the macho super star is going through his career and friendships, one wonders how many good movies or friends he will have left…  

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Okay this blind item can be easily termed as a remake of Main Aur Mrs Khanna fiasco.

MAMK was made solely to relaunch Sohail Khan as a main lead. Kareen Kapoor was cast. Salman was there to lend support. Preity Zinta agreed to do a special appearance. Even Deepika Padukone appeared in a special appearance in the climax similar to the climax of Yeh Dillagi or Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. The one special appearance which did not happen was that of Shah Rukh Khan. Now one might say, Shah Rukh was busy with his existing projects or to his surgery, the fact is he blatantly rejected the offer which pissed Salman to the core leading to the infamous fight at Katrina's birthday resulting in the fall out for 6 friggin' years.

When Shah Rukh & Salman had their first fall out due to Aishwarya Rai. It was during Farah Khan-Shirish Kunder wedding, where they patched up. When they again had a fall out due, it took Arpita - Aayush wedding to provide them an opportunity to patch up. If they were to fall out again, except for their family kids wedding, don't see any other wedding which remotely interest them to patch up.

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Somebody call Baba Siddiqqi.

In all seriousness, they'll patch up sooner or later, but kudos for SRK for rejecting the movie and not throwing his career into the deeper mud than it already is.

And to Salman, get well soon buddy.

by All Time best! (268k points)
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Even if this is true SRK is absolutely right here

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Salman is at fault here. Fine he wants to muddle up his own career to promote Aayush but cant expect SRK to do the same whose career is already messed up.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Lesson: Never bring petty issues into your friendship and make it an ego issue. Understand when your friend says NO to you, it does not mean disrespecting but just that everybody has a free and different mind.

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)

If only Bhai had such common sense.

It's infuriating how srk's career is in mud and Salman wants him to do such stuff, total lack of empathy from someone who himself went through 2000s decade fiasco.


not only that he himself tried his best to stay away from doing films 'out of courtesy'. i remember in some interview where he said/implied 'i used to do films for i do for fans' etc kinda one interview he said 'main film krta tha jinka pta hota tha k script buri hai, but yeh soch kr k chalo, bntay bntay bn jayegi shayad achi film' ........a guy who himself thinks that doing films out of courtesy is a wrong way to work.....and then asking SRK, only if this story is true, then there is actually no empathy left.........SRK once said 'Salman bachay k trha sochta hai, aur main aik baap ki trha'

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I dont think this is true one bit.. SRK does not need a supporting role at this stage where he's down in the ruins.. Salman should not ask such favours from him at this time when Salman himself is 2 3 failures away from landing himself at SRK's level.

They're buddies. They should not mess their bond over petty issues.

And oh yeah.. To hell with that “Actor” Ayush.. Why does he event want to be in acting profession? Just cz he’s married to salman’s sister? Opportunist kahin ka

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)
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hahaha.......people are so judgmental these days


hahaha so we're being nice to everyone now

and even I wanted to be a cricketer.. too bad my brother in law can't shove me in BCCI's throat.


@Suhas and @Baadshah well you can play all nice here but we all know the truth here ofcourse put it on me for being judgemental and fun to judge people but deep inside even you both know it


i seriously don't even know this guy Aayush.....mjhe yaad bhi nhn tha that yehi Arpita ka husband hai aur Salman ka brother in law.....qasm sy......aur mjhe koi interest bhi nhn hai iska career jananay ka