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Considering just like Titanic, I make sure to watch this show every year like it's an annual event of sorts.. and I just rewatched all the 10 seasons in 12 days this month (the longest I have taken to complete this show since 2007).

Also I keep saying how good Breaking Bad is but eventually I would only pick Friends.


@suhas how would you rate game of thrones esp in comparison with the other two?

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Breaking Bad i found overrated to be honest
Friends not my cup of tea
So for me GOT is GOAT

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Friends for me. The undisputed No 1 show of all time. Love to watch it again and again without getting bored. All the 6 characters are awesome, my favs are Joey and Phoebe.

by Super-star (189k points)
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The makers messed up in s7 and 8 in's really sad that such a fantastic show is ruined by the last 2 season. The ending probably was not unpredictable but characters became dumb and many interesting things were left out. I still didn't see breaking bad so can't say about it. For the last 2 seasons of got, overall friends is better

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I am in very rare company since I haven't seen GOT. BB is freaking amazing but Friends takes the edge for me personally.

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Go watch it man you won't regret

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breaking bad is untouchable...... it was a miracle...that can't be replicated...the makers themselves tried many times again but they couldn't do it.....

these three target different mindsets...appeal is different...

which is why it wont be objective... you ask a teenager or new adult which i call ipad generation...... whats better breaking bad or stranger things...will be say ..breaking bad is overrated and stranger things is dope...yup thats the word they use....

similarly....friends is feel good..... stuff
breaking bad is for mature audience....
breaking bad is for enthusiasts.....

by Super-star (198k points)
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For me it has to be Breaking Bad. Because both Friends and GoT have bad seasons. Friends for me lost its luster after season 4. It was great from mid season 2 till the end on S4. But after that quality did fall. Seasons 5-7 were still ok, while the last 3 were bad.

As for GoT, funnily enough it was also at it's best until the end of S4. After that s5-7 were still decent. S8 was an abomination.

Breaking has only 5 seasons, but none of them is bad. All are good with their own properly crafted stories and real thought process gone into how every action would affect the rest of the show.

But I will admit that because of BB being a serious show and because of the length of episodes and the continuity, I will pick Friends if I'm looking for something to just randomly watch and enjoy. I first watched BB in 2014. After that I thought about rewatching it many times. Finally started rewatching in Jan 2020, but I still haven't completed, because it requires real attention and time. Friends meanwhile I have seen 3 or 4 times.

by Editor (82.0k points)

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